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  • hello Axel, did you survive your stupid president ? hope so for you and your family take care ! -nb come and play as we have much more time its really fun! cheers
  • Axel, come and play on ptr3 x4 speed tomorrow... its really much more interesting than ptr2...
  • Hi Axel How are you doing?
  • hello :) you dont play the x4 speed server ptr3? with us ^^ come on lol we miss you
    • I thought about it but I already started this one, I cant keep up with two at same time:( Its already aggravating enough to even get int his one which have not beenable to do all day today:(
    • i understand... but x4 speed is quite funny ! so long then!
  • Axel do you play the next set with us? otherwise, have good times, merry christmas! cheers!
  • they allways speed up the server without telling us.
  • hey! what a surprise! i was watching when the server starts again:) cheers, we dying with hot temperatures there
    • I just now hopped on here to check things out. Thought I might try the html5 version and just read that ptr3 and 4 is about to start up soon, so will probably give it a go:)
  • you are terrific on the proper meaning of the term ^^