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  • good evening.
    I take over the majority in an industry.
    I get a swear party over me from a Russian Remy Martin.
    I have to accept that.

    First message
    И это не вопрос :)
    Google translate translation:

    stupid ass
    And this is not a question :)

    Ask from me in english.

    What's the problem.
    In English a.u.b.
    We are not going to swear.

    Answer from him:
      на хуй иди
    Translation via Google translate:

    fuck you go

    Kind regards
  • hello,
    scuze me but Iwant play on FR03 which begin today and Ican't
    Please help me because my friends are waiting for me
    Thank you
    • an other thing I'll be with players in St Trelo
      Please HELP ME Thank's
  • and why is this site not secure ?
  • when is winter event happening and which running ptr gets shut down ?
  • Hi Mm It seems like when I inadvertently hit the update settings button and said yes all this started to happen and couldn`t get back on. I feel its in that settings upgrade