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Welcome to the PTR Forum!

You can read the latest PTR announcements and post ideas and bug reports in English and German.

Willkommen im PTR Forum!

Hier findet ihr neuste Ankündigungen zum PTR und könnt Ideen und Fehlermeldungen in Englisch und Deutsch posten.

  • good evening.
    I take over the majority in an industry.
    I get a swear party over me from a Russian Remy Martin.
    I have to accept that.

    First message
    И это не вопрос :-)
    Google translate translation:

    stupid ass
    And this is not a question :-)

    Ask from me in english.

    What's the problem.
    In English a.u.b.
    We are not going to swear.

    Answer from him:
    на хуй иди
    Translation via Google translate:

    fuck you go

    Kind regards

  • hello,
    scuze me but Iwant play on FR03 which begin today and Ican't
    Please help me because my friends are waiting for me
    Thank you

    • an other thing I'll be with players in St Trelo
      Please HELP ME Thank's

  • and why is this site not secure ?

  • when is winter event happening and which running ptr gets shut down ?

  • Hi Mm It seems like when I inadvertently hit the update settings button and said yes all this started to happen and couldn`t get back on. I feel its in that settings upgrade