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  • Hi, Pia, i dont know why but i cant get the research vouchers on ptr3... however i log out... ty if you can have a look on this.
    • Hei SParkling, I just looked in our datas and there you have 3 research point vouchers on PTR3. Are they not visible in your techtree?
      Greetings, Pia
    • its ok i got them
  • @ Lacidd I believe these are general statements not exclusive to the one game! Also want to make suggestions for the late investor who " snipe"s " top place the Old Hook n Switch tee hee railroad speak I love it anyway the person who logs in see's where the factory growth is occurring and dumps enuff money in so they take top place ! Complete BS this is not playing this is a parasitical disease and warrants a long hard look into fixing ! The method l have come up with is simple you can only invest in a facility if you use it, the more you use that facility the more you are entitled to invest. Also we need to stop giving top prize prestige for the " Direct " hauler the one that raises WT and has no care to the growth of the area region or facilities. There needs to be a prestige given to the integrated hauler ( not as much as City prestige but some based on their amount )the one that feeds the facility the one who tries to keep WT at a minimum the one that doesn't get Top Place in the City delivery because they are feeding the factory. Here is a game that rewards lazy self absorbed play. I call these people Prestige Pigs because they don't care help or want to do anything team goal or regional to help anyone but themselves get more PP ! You need to stop the Puck Hog from getting all the glory ! People play to have fun socialize and for the reward of doing something good building special-routes lvling City/LM this believe it or not is part of the pleasure it's a dopamine and satiates the player's into feeling good because they worked as a team to achieve a goal. Prestige Pigs only detract from that " pure " pleasure the constant chase from town to town to reap as much as fast and moving on is almost like a swindler and I don't think thievery should be rewarded, Reward should be for team group and general game-play, not sniping or hauling direct for top spot to City ! Other than that I would like to wish you and your loved ones the best of the season and a very Merry Christmas !
  • Hello Pia_BF,

    About your new post on PTR forum with title "PTR2 - Restart 09.12. New Properties 01.2019" (ptr.rail-nation.com/index.php?…new-properties-01-2019/): on PTR2 server USA Express scenario gameworld does no exist landmarks ("The number of required goods/passengers in landmarks has been increased.")...

    Have a nice evening!

    Lacidd23 :)
    • Hei @Lacidd23
      That's correct, but sometime soon the same properties will come for PTR1 and 3 and then there are landmarks. That are the general changes wich will come with the new properties :)

  • No problem with SParkling she is a regular player who l kinda know and i was only teasing as if she had some control in the missing winter coin fiasco
  • hi,

    i bought many ticket 225 in era1 but i did not get it.

    it was er1. PTR1
  • I have noticed a player on PT3 that appears to have an almost duplicate account. Is this allowed in PTR games? I know that it is not permitted in the normal game worlds. There does not appear to be a means of reporting game violation in the PTR games?
  • hallo, ich kann mich nicht bei PTR 1-3 einloggen, nur die obere Hälfte der login box ist sichtbar, das Passwort ist nicht zu sehen !
    • Hei @RR Fuzzy
      Hast du einmal die Seite neu geladen und dich versucht nochmal einzuloggen?
      Wir hatten vorhin allgemein Probleme mit dem Login auf den Live und PTR Servern, das sollte jetzt nach und nach aber wieder für alle funktionieren.

    • danke Pia, lag am cache, wurde geleert und alles ist OK
      Gruß Fuzzy
  • pia ich bin immer früh muss das ja planen weil ich nochen einen im urlaub von dem seine einlogg daten habe
  • hallo weisst du schon wann ihr den ptr1 wieder an start bringt
    • Hei @Steffi1966
      Da bist du bisschen früh dran ;)
      Wenn alles gut läuft dann vermutlich nächste Woche.

  • I just started on PTR3 and somehow managed to mistakenly set my language to Bolivian I think? Can I get that changed to English? WhirlyBird
    • Hei @WhirlyBird
      Sorry for the late answer.
      You can change your langauge via the options (The little tools in the upper right corner) and then the last point in the list is the language option.

  • hy Pia^^
    auf ptr2 gehört mir die GS 'Black Bull' ...mehrmals habe ich Bmw aufgefordert mit den Vorsitz zu übergeben...nichts...könnt ihr da was tun?...oftmals kam - ist wie im wahrem Leben...da müsste ich vor Gericht gehen...muss ich das hier auch? - oder bekommen wir das so hin...Bmw ist auch schon seit 3 tagen nicht mehr on...tut bitte was...
  • Hi Pia,
    On PTR1 we have suspicions of clone players on the city of Minsk.
    20 players, only one connected at a time, same number of prestige (not far).

    For the moment it is only a doubt, but it is quite curious
    • I confirm what Jon said
      There is always only one online player and, coincidentally, they go in sequence one after the other.
      I would ask you to check
      Thank you
    • Good evening,
      An answer would please us.
      If our suspicions are right, there are still many cloned players (between 15 and 20).
      If now it is allowed, it must be said, it opens perspectives.
      Thank you for your response and possible action
      Good night
  • Hallo Pia seid dem letzten Update heute am 22.8.2019 habe ich auf PTR 2 folgenden Fehler:meine Züge laden Eisenerz verlassen das Werk tauchen beim Eisen wieder auf und fahren zum Eisenerz laden dann beim Eisen tauchen dann in der Stadt auf und fahren zum Eisen und werden dann dem Konto gut geschrieben.Ist lustig aber ein Fehler und für manchen sehr verwirrend.
    • Hei Cameljupp!
      jaa wir haben ein Performance improvement für die Strecken drin, sind bereits dran die Springenden Züge zu fixen. :)
      Danke für die Meldung.

  • Hallo Pia kann ich Bitte meine Primus Lok für PTR 1+2 Danke gestern auf dem PTR 3 hatte ich sie noch LG
    • Hei Wupperblitz.
      Da Das One Time Offer mit dem Primus jetzt zeitlich für alle abgelaufen ist, ist auch auf PTR1 & 2 die Primus nur noch über die Lotterie erhältlich.

    • Ok danke für die info...heul hatte bis jetzt kein glück ...gebe aber nicht auf...LG
  • Why can't I change or leave the association?
  • hallo pia ich hab ein login problem alles geleert der balkan lädt und dann bleibt er stehen
    • Hei NIKI
      Kannst du mir sagen auf welchem Server du dich einloggen möchtest? PTR1, 2, 3 oder 4?
  • Hi Pia;
    is there any chance that someone slims the html down? When starting ptr2 it takes 972 MB, PTR1 even 1.103 MB... and this seems the reason a lot of people do not get in or have to relog ever so often...
    Test (not voluntaily) : my new Mac crashed (needs to be send to repair) - only difference between both Macs is the RAM 4GB / 8GB.... on the 8 GB machine it worked fine. However the 4 GB machine now takes about 20-40 minutes just for the login (from pressing the server button in lobby to the game being shown ... and yes, relog after a cpl of clicks ...tested it on safari and firefox and both show the same slow login etc....
    when I checked the initial load during login it was the above numbers...
    any computer with 4 GB RAM and below will have the same issue with html version is my guess...
    therefore the question that the login sequece is to be slimed down please... most browsers do not allow more than 1024 MB cache when it is 4 GB ram...
  • Hi Pia,

    I have a stupid question: S101 - can someone check as in era 6 I now get lucy and all the tasks - basically the whole intro while in era 6 ... crazy..

    • No stupid question, we are on it :)
  • buna ziua , de ce orasul Viena din PTR1 nu este clasat pentru end games
  • I tried to start PTR1 with a dutch language and had only chrismas screen/ PRT 2 same but after a flash chrismas screen it went black.
    Changing the default browser language to German all problems are solved. It looks if the German language is set to default instead of set to browser language.
    • Hei Bodor, thanks for the informations! Good to hear that this workaround works. We hopefully get a fix for it with the next update :)
  • Hallo ich komme auf den PTR1über keinen Browser rein und ich bekomme folgende Meldung :

    ncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'get_scale' of undefined
    at starling_textures_TextureAtlas.parseAtlasXml (mainlinehaxern.js:440435)
    at new starling_textures_TextureAtlas (mainlinehaxern.js:440407)
    at Array.<anonymous> (mainlinehaxern.js:191287)
    at Function.system_gui_fxUI_TextureCache.fireCallbacksFail (mainlinehaxern.js:453141)
    at openfl_events__$EventDispatcher_Listener.system_gui_fxUI_TextureCache.ioErrorHandlerATF [as callback] (mainlinehaxern.js:453202)
    at openfl_net_URLLoader.__dispatchEvent (mainlinehaxern.js:1279)
    at openfl_net_URLLoader.dispatchEvent (mainlinehaxern.js:1184)
    at openfl_net_URLLoader.httpRequest_onError (mainlinehaxern.js:422985)
    at f (mainlinehaxern.js:483703)
    at lime_app_Promise.error (mainlinehaxern.js:363899)

    Vielleicht kann mir ja mal jemand einen Tip geben.

    • Hei Horst, danke für die Fehlermeldung! Ich geb die mal an unsere Devs weiter. Wir sind aktuell noch am Suchen und Fixen um das Problem zu lösen. Aber jeder hinweis zählt!

  • PTR1 AND PTR2 its no gooooo.
    • Hei TEODARA18,
      we're working on a fix for this bug but it's a little difficult because the error isn't reproduced for all player.
      If we have more informations about the bug or an update with a fix you will find under announcements or here:

  • как мне свизаца тех подержки на шот игри раил натион pt3 неработает просмотр видео хоть программа уменя в ключина Lightshot screenshot и браузере яндексе включина реклама и серовно не работает просмотр видео в игре раил натионе pt3 паскажите что мне зделадь и техподержка тоже ветом игре неработает пачините игру раил натионе pt3 или вавше атправте профилактическую работу игру раил натион pt3.
  • i am lost my link to join discord ,can you help me
    • Hei gilbelletje, if you still didn't find your way back to discord, here is an invitation link again:
  • I am still getting white screens and unable to get to train station, even after the server upgrade yesterday.
  • Hello Pia_BF in sever PTR1 there are problems regarding entry into the station impossible, change goods and throws us out of the gamee must re-release 5/6 times for 5 minutes of play, thanks
  • seit ca. 5 Wochen mach ich ne Pause....wird sich wahrscheinlich wie gegen ende 2015 auch wieder auf ein halbes Jahr hinziehen....ich bin einfach über so viele sachen verärgert....spiele normal alle 3 PTR´s...auch 3 live´s...alles hab ich erstmal fallen lassen....bemüht euch mal was richtig zu machen und wenn auch ptr ein testsurver ist solltet ihr den auch mal vernünftig durchziehen...WIR sind die, die testen sollen....gebt uns doch einfach mal den test zu auch unseren Gunsten und brecht nicht immer mal alles ab....ich rede natürlich ganz klar von ptr3........OJ....3x mitten gestartet....um da vernünftig zu testen muss man urlaub machen, sonst geht es nicht wirklich....denkt mal darüber nach....

    in diesem Sinne und alles gute - linke zum Gruss....Speedy, die schnellste Maus von Hessen^^
  • mise a jour juste avant un week end bravo
  • Pia_Bif,help please,there is still a bug in the PTR1 server does not load the game quickly and does not move trains on other goods, we are practically blocked could you please check? thank you so much,
    • Hei Tristano,
      the trains does move, you only couldn't see them on map :) The schedules works via the city schedule assistant and for single trains.

      The performance is a bigger probleme we need to find a solution for in the next few weeks :)

      Thanks for your support,