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  • No, I was wondering a lot about prestige at the end as well. a few minutes before the completion of endgame, I was rank 34. After we won and received all the bonus PPs I dropped to 50th place. I thought it may just be due that that the #1 region, #1 association and #1 city (prior to endgame) all received more PPs than I did.

    • yes, the region bonus can make a big difference. The previous number one player dropped to about 10th place after the region and city award.

      I'm looking at the winning city bonus (10,000 for those players with home set to Chisinau). There were 40-50 players in the SE region and most of then had Chisinau set. Lets say 35*10,000=350,000. Its of the right order to create the 1200 regional prestige, but is slightly too much. And it would contradict what I said about the sum of the top 40 players in previous message?

      I still haven't thought of anything else. If it is the case then its quite a big lever at the end towards winning the Region competition.

    • I wonder if it could just be a refresh issue.They may have had 'cached' PPs that hadn't been added to their total yet, then at endgame, the server did it's own refresh of everybody to make sure that all points were counted before locking in the final totals.

      As we completed goods, sometimes my PP would increase before the mail or system message, other times it didn't increase until after one or the other message, or sometime both.

  • hi,
    I'm taking a close look at a lot of prestige aspects. There's one I can't quite understand.
    In the last 5minutes, just one cleared megacity good, SE managed to increase their player prestige component by over 1200 points. That represents in excess of 240,000 player points (factor of X200). I have screenshots.

    I've added up the prestige awarded for that 49th good at Chisinau (passengers), and its only around 20,000.

    I can't think of any other sources of prestige (I don't think there was a recalc; the megacity halve wait time nonsense occurs after the regional award so seems unlikely to be included - its only a maximum of about 5k per city times 10 citys, and it gets spread across players of all regions)

    They could have had 20 players redeem all of their medals in the last 5minutes, seems very unlikely (I checked their 4 top players, 3/4 had redeemed even before the Endgame).

    The sum of top 40 players prestige (prior to the 110,000 city and regional bonus) looks to be around the required 4million.

    screenshot here if u want (doesn't allow attach on wall:( )

    any ideas?

  • Hi,

    I'm looking at the Invalid Train Schedule report.

    I'm looking at the first screenshot in the initial report, I see quartz being dropped off at the silicon factory and silicon being picked up (-9/9 at step 2).
    But when I look at the food factory at step 5 I only see bread being dropped off: no food pick up (-9).

    There's no food pickup, so no food delivery to the rolling mill.

    I tried several times to set up similar schedules, and I was always prompted to pick up food and deliver to the city.

    I haven't gone through the later messages in the thread, so maybe I've missed something in those. Is there any further problem to look at there?