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    Hello everyone.
    I just went on the classic server (not ptr).
    : 2 things, one I'm happy the other very dissatisfied.
    1, Congratulations for the video Joker, pretty, light for the pc easy to read. Continue it's great.
    2 to the homepage a huge pair of (censored of course!)~ 95 / D, to sell bras I guess.
    Rail-nation is like Tintin: from 7 to 77 years old and should not become a pornographic site, it is a respect for all IG players who can be anyone IRL.

    The ptr2 will enter the final in one hour.
    An online game called mmorpg must keep some ethics because the training
    side is important especially for young people or isolated people who can
    make decisions, responsibilities in game (IG) that it may not be in real life (IRL).
    There is a blatant imbalance in those who build cities, build associations
    and those who behave like looters by investing in resources or they have
    no train, or even trolls that blow up majorities without the industry
    evolving , or even double counting (it's going faster, lol!).
    It is not useful to change the game that is good, but to change the
    rules a little investment not in the absence of trains and a minimum of
    deliveries, more prestige points for deliveries to cities.
    Conversely if travelers thanks to the return trips are overpaid, ridiculous competitions (one pass); in the end it is very insufficient.
    Best regards.

    The passengers do not destroy the game, but it is the use of the money earned that is not good, it must be used to colonize more cities that cost more and more expensive (27 for me the last server) rather than investing unnecessarily on growing industries, this passenger function is not up to date.

    Bonjour,Je suis passé il y a quelque temps au musée de la bande dessinée d'Angoulème, il y avait une exposition de la Goldwin Mayer, la reconstitution des wagons de l'orient express, c'était beau et émouvant.
    Pourquoi ne pas dédier une locomotive à vapeur pour ce train aussi mythique?
    Hello, I spent
    some time at the comic strip museum in Angoulème, there was an
    exhibition of the Goldwin Mayer, the reconstruction of the cars of the
    Orient Express, it was beautiful and moving.
    Why not dedicate a steam locomotive for this mythical train?

    Il s'appelait Raoul Dautry et gestionnaire des chemins de fers français, d'ailleurs il a sa place sur Wikipédia france, et a mis une telle organisation jour après jour au fur à mesure des différentes avancées ou reculs que les Allemands n'ont jamais réussi à envahir la France, les trains de munitions et de troupes arrivaient toujours à temps malgré les bombardements et autres et du matériel anglais ou américain pas toujours compatible.

    His name was Raoul Dautry and manager of the French railways, moreover it has its place on Wikipedia France, and has such an organization day after day as the various advances or setbacks that the Germans have never When it was able to invade France, trains of ammunition and troops always arrived in time despite bombings and the like, and English or American equipment not always compatible.

    I come rail-nation after 8 years in Travian, the end of game were fabulous, and rail nation not so good were sympatic,: a good finish a new take the place and you see the level running (curseur in french) and our association take the new good before pollution, since the new system twelve by twelve the end is not so magic to long and no strategy to win the game, 12 hours for the 12 level! before we let down take an other and return after.
    Twelve by twelve was not a good idea for pleasure of gaming.

    All is return normally, just inconvéniences into the new era , and some money overflow after the end of the bug or hacking.
    For me it's hacking, 1 trajan and 1 exploit in me pc for windows after open rail- nation (I play under linux)
    And the dream to have some thousand golds other the rainbow (lol!)
    bon jeu à tous. merci aux développeurrs

    You know the game is faster in full screen, when you click to begin the video the screen full down (not a good idea) but after when you want to begin video of Hotel, it's usually very difficult to open the hotel screen full down, I make the fullscreen and click for the video of course and the screen fulldown.
    It's not a good idea to make the "yoyo" with the screen we make the fullscreen and never change it.
    It's very difficult to read the videos the format don't work on all pc, and a crazy screen is too much.

    As you know locomotives are the business of enthusiasts since the first day, (Emile Zola: the human beast, Honegger pacific 231 etc), to transmit our passion it would be nice to add technical references, weight, year of construction .
    Constructor Vulcan Foudry (Great Britain)
    Year of construction 1919
    Single-cylinder 2-cylinder engine with 590 mm diameter
    Stamp of the boiler 14 bars
    Boiler capacity 10.15 m3
    Wheel Drive Diameter 1.44 m
    Water capacity of the tender 18 m3
    Carbon capacity of tender 9 t
    Ground weight 125 t
    Length of machine tender 19,2 m
    Power 1,400 CV
    Tensile force 21 t
    Speed limit 80 km
    And more enthusiasts = more players, of course.
    friendly and inexpensive modification
    Best regards.