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    Yesterday I received an email from the central concerning mainly videos, indices of satisfaction etc.

    If you need to increase reading bonuses ..

    Obviously it worries them to see anyone watching, I also received a message from Google a week ago, probably the impact of lack of results for its customers.

    That's what it's all about when you can not read it, it does not go, or it's too slow, obviously the time is limited, your servers can not keep up, my 3 video on the S5 I took 15 minutes to read them, on the ptr3 I simply gave up, always the 78 and 85 for closing the debate.

    Yet I am beyond 15,000 visions.

    You have to react.


    In my department there is the only museum of narrow gauge trains ~ 60CM ~ 24 inches, if you are interested in locomotive steam era 1, I can take a tour and send photos.

    The locos come from France, but also from England, Germany, Eastern country because they do not have their places in the big museums and a team of volunteers restore them.

    What interest of playing christmas market if you don't kill 78 and 85 ?

    Used just on ptr, C5 no problem

    You have very beautifull vidéos as carrefour, bigard (miam!), the chair at 195€ (not in my money),blue pinture (too much work) etc we can all understand in english in france (in Brittany they are our neighbourgs just a river).

    Best regards

    Idem, 21785, more a year this vidéo is blocking the search off vidéos compatibles, 9/1O gamers never read vidéos too long to read .

    Hello Crogier,
    Era one or era two, it would be funny some trains passengers with pacific 231 and lexus wagons from a central town as Paris, to a town as le Havre and arrival at a good time for the steamer.
    My grand father had driven the Pacific two years and see Jean Gabin when he played "La bête humaine", for the litlle story for one minit too late you pay a fine.

    Hello Lars BF,
    from era 1 to era 4 it's very cool to finish and a little to much, at era 5 level 25 it's a little difficult, but era 6 labo level 25 it's impossible to have minerve and olympe with all ameliorations before beginning the final.
    Best regards.

    In a speed it is very difficult for the final to have at the same time minerves and Olympi (translate) for lack of research points as well as to complete all the research (career train) also I would like the maximum level of laboratory goes from 25 to 26 or 27.

    for me it's very difficult, i have a vpn in Germany "hot spot shield" because the videos come from Germany with a drm but I must clic 10X or wait 10 mn.

    Usually at the beginning of the game, I use swallows , raven, whale (for passengers) and Donkey, with seven wagons I don't use falcon , and go to the mole direct.
    I like loco with much wagons all eras.
    But this server donkey is just 6 wagons :no interest, raven is better, return to 7 wagons please.

    In Travian when an object no longer serves: village, building etc. it can be dismantled just as you mount it, with the same time.
    Here the question did not arise, but with the transpotters, the question arises of destroying rail tracks that will no longer serve and increase the search time unnecessarily

    The video don't work with ubuntu 12, (english) ubuntu 16 (english) and android 4,22 with Puffin free.
    Sometimes when no video work i use puffin for one video to finnish to win money or golds, and if puffin don't work no browser can read the video, it's a browser in cloud for gamers.
    A player of my association play on cm05 and it's ok

    the laboratory announces me 80 min (1h20) for a point of research, with the researcher it is 60 mn (-25%) gold the account gives 1 point every 1h07,28, there is thus a miscalculation of 11 , 7% which is not nothing.
    best regards

    The new
    graphics has undeniable qualities more beautiful and manages better the
    flash (although this technology of the 1990s of sun does not have any
    more reason to be it is necessary to obtain the permission of the
    navigator to use it as if one went to groceries with francs or marks, lol!).
    But it is in the philosophy of the game that is no longer the same, heir of
    Travian there was a part of dynamism it is as if the transport ministry
    had allied with that of the armies, now it would be rather the Ministry of Transport and that of the budget, either play the official in his building City or Defense.

    You knew rail-nation is an évolution of Travian but with railsways, but in Travian the alliances (~associations) can grow to 60 people, in ptr (and classics) I thinck 25 is too little, 30 would be a good number, the last server we had friend standing at the door and no-place.
    it is not in our philosophy to throw small players into big ones.
    And a town win with only 2 big associations is very pleasure, at the beginning of rail-nation it was possible and be à good job for good players.