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    The old version of puffin worked , but the new with a better virtual mouse don't finish open the game (perhap's the memory is to little, for flash puffin work with the cloud.

    the new design of the map is not coherent, indeed in railway technology we try to have the longest straight lines possible for the very high speed lines in France and the shortest possible routes we put rails of one km with special machines that weld 3 rails of 300m the standard size, then these turns in all directions are not possible, or destruction of hills land, houses for the tgv or ter passes.

    Hi ,

    it's difficult to enter directly a jpeg in this forum (other forum is the same some do not and some can)

    I want coming from mannheim to karlsrue and after stuttgart,

    1 dairy fromagerie) mannheinn south (nord)

    2 dairy (laiterie) karlsrue north (in english traduction don't know différence betwinn laiterie and fromagerie)

    3 farm karslrue nord

    and from 2 to 3 it's do not open with a X on the line.

    thanck's for all.

    in linux on firefox don't boot; on chrome idem, on android and puffin free don't work on a pc of my family win 10 chrome and firefox don't .work

    how many years are you playing with a plug-in 30 years old? (java~1986) full of viruses and trojan.


    there are still problems with the videos, on the ptr it does not pass, it's as usual.

    Another problem that dates from the beginning of the game 6 years ago, but very annoying now with the new graphics very neat, we need all the power to play and forced to play in full screen, but when we open a video l Total screen falls, it bothers the reading of the videos, then we must go back and put back in full screen, this is one more reason why the videos are never watched.

    il y a encore des problèmes avec les vidéos, sur le ptr ça ne passe pas, c'est comme d'habitude.

    Un autre problème qui remonte au début du jeu il y a 6 ans, mais très gênant maintenant avec les nouveaux graphismes très soignés, nous avons besoin de tout le pouvoir de jouer et de forcer à jouer en plein écran, mais lorsque nous ouvrons une vidéo l Écran total tombe , la lecture des vidéos gêne, puis nous devons revenir en arrière et revenir en plein écran, c’est une raison de plus pour laquelle les vidéos ne sont jamais visionnées.

    Best regards.

    The festival is nice,thanks for all these gifts, only problem as all the speed servers the search points are insufficient, and I repeat my request to add 2 levels to the lab involved the new trains even if it is very expensive. Here in this server the final is for tomorrow and players have only centaures.

    Le festival est sympatique,merci de tous ces cadeaux, seul problème comme tous les serveurs speed les points de recherche sont insuffisants, et je réitère ma demande de rajouter 2 niveaux au labo en cause les nouveaux trains même si c'est très cher. Ici dans ce server la finale est pour demain et joueurs n'ont que des centaures.

    Best regards

    As you know, modeled on Travian "quest", the beginning of the game is not very fun, difficult to attract young and new players.

    So I came to an idea after the visit near Le Mans of the only museum in the world dedicated to narrow-gauge trains ~ 60 cm and in phase with the beginnings of steam locomotion.

    The first trains were used only for mines, quarries and carting.

    So from the beginning of the game a network ready in narrow lanes with a train, (15 km / h) 1 wagon, ~ 1 ton) on all mines, coal, ore iron, copper, wood, damage lack stones to provide) except bauxite (Alu not yet invented, lol!).

    The game advancing the player resells the trains, replaces the rails by metric tracks and the game while respecting the story, is immediately in an exciting dynamic.


    Comme vous le savez, sur le modèle de la "quête" de Travian, le début du jeu n’est pas très amusant, il est difficile d’attirer les jeunes et les nouveaux joueurs.

    C'est ainsi que j'ai eu l'idée, après la visite près du Mans, de l'unique musée au monde dédié aux trains à voie étroite d'environ 60 cm, en phase avec les débuts de la locomotion à vapeur.

    Les premiers trains n'étaient utilisés que pour les mines, les carrières et le karting.

    Donc, depuis le début du jeu, un réseau est prêt dans des ruelles étroites avec un train (15 km / h), un wagon, environ 1 tonne) sur toutes les mines, charbon, minerai de fer, cuivre, bois, dommage, manque de pierres à fournir) sauf bauxite (Alu pas encore inventé, lol!).

    Le jeu qui fait avancer le joueur revend les trains, remplace les rails par des rails métriques et le jeu tout en respectant l’histoire, est immédiatement dans une dynamique excitante.


    the videos pose big problems of reading, some are in flash, others in html, there is a system which goes around randomly to find a compatible video and when it does not find it lands on the 78, sometimes the 78 has one that starts anyway, if not on the 85 except that the console indicates an empty file probably a video that no longer exists.

    Remains why when the system looks for a video and can not find: I guess it goes too fast, the ip does not have time to answer, server probably too slow or overloaded, because sometimes it passes.

    Not very hard on a ptr, but with the game of winter or each piece is important, it was very penalizing, pity some pubs were beautiful (decathlon etc)

    For the station I only have that, and the lottery does not disappear, there is nothing that fades, I know it's probably new and the old players will get away, albeit for everything watching it does not help.