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Hier findet ihr neuste Ankündigungen zum PTR und könnt Ideen und Fehlermeldungen in Englisch und Deutsch posten.

    boost bonuses theoretically boost the speed of 20 km / h, this is not true when there is only one rail, so I would like to choose speed boost or acceleration boost.

    If you run in flash, you must change the system of vidéo , when you are playing in flash, you must playing in full screen, or the game lag a max, and when you open a video (the vidéo is good at the beginning of the game, after its mac'duck, lol!), the video make falling down in low screen and you must return to the map, clic on fullscreen and return to the railway, it's too much time and nobody read the vidéo, we have not the time playing on several serveurs with this bug.

    This bug had beginning with the first vidéo.

    At the beginning off the game we have a similar bug, it's lag very much (normal) and you wait for open the fullscreen, please don't make anything before the game is not open, make all pop'ups after openning the game.


    We are people of Brittany a Celtic people of the west of France, and Twitter begin tu use the emoï of our flag Gen Ha Du, it's a very pleasure for us, and in rail-nation a good idea.

    For the record, when the Vikings invaded England a part of the inhabitants of Wales crossed the English Channel and settled in Brittany country very poor and almost uninhabited, we speak the same language and are the 5th or 6th nation Celtic. Our flag is very important for us.

    Bonjour, je joue actuellement sur un jeu de gestion plus ou moins copié de Travian, mais ne respectant pas l'esprit du mmorpg, solidarité, communication , valeurs humaines, il s'appelle Hay Day, mais vous devriez regarder un peu comment doit être un jeu moderne, pas ce truc lent qui met 2 à 4 secondes à répondre, plante toutes les 10 minutes, cette finale est une pénible corvée.

    Hello, I am currently playing on a management game more or less copied from Travian, but not respecting the spirit of mmorpg, solidarity, communication, human values, it's called Hay Day, but you should take a look at how it should be. a modern game, not that slow thing that takes 2 to 4 seconds to respond, crashes every 10 minutes, this final is a painful chore.

    The new system flash vs html is better but the function copy/pasted (copié/collé en francais) had a malfunction.I thinck a very good idea is to made an automatic system of traduction for more pleasure in the game.

    I play passengers, and looking to have the first place, but I don't knew where is me level, for working or no if it's possible,

    Since some years you have change the hydra (hydre), i used for the final because the very long waiting time of factories in the final, number off wagons is falled down from 29 to 15, and it's have no interest (idem for the donkey (ane) falled down of 1 train).

    I thinck it's better to return to the old system, nobody use those trains because they are with no interest, no avantage for long waiting time.

    Hi all,

    the final on the ptr3 is very difficult , very very slow, to much people or server too little, i don't know.

    Just a technical question , is the ptr3 run under html or with the plug-in flash?

    If ptr3 is running in html, why firefox ask to have the plug-in flash?

    The last update of firefox had délète the plug-in flash door open for trojans and viruses, and made more slowly the pc,

    Comment l'acheteur pouvait deviner que j'allais dépenser cette somme à 8 secondes de la fin!

    L'offre de votre association (DIZ LOK) pour l'employé "George M. Pullmann" a fait l'objet d'une surenchère. Le vainqueur de ces enchères est cool expres (€2 090 000).

    Les joueurs suivants se font rembourser :

    pemmore: €2 080 000

    Si c'est un nouveau système, c'est stupide, les enchères sont les enchères, on assume le risque.

    ce midi une compétition voyageurs, la majorité de mes trains arrive par hasard après le départ déjà programmé enregistre 400 (ce qui ne correspond à aucun compte car les giraffes sont de 90!, et je perd la compétition,

    C'est pas bien gràve mais ça laisse bien des doutes.

    tested with Vernée Appolo (chinese smartphone with decacores m20 4go ram payed 80€) the ptr1 it's going to open the state, but very long time, beautiful pictures, bur I canno't play more , I never play more than 2 servers, and I wait for the new ptr3 or ptr4.

    If you have a good tablet, (some chinese tab use decacores m30), use puffin browser, flash is integrated , and you have a virtual mouse, but ptr1 and ptr2 are in html, you normally don't use flash.

    hi all,

    In a recent conversation, we were talking about the difficulties of the sitters, the player had forgotten to open the rights, it gives a lot of worries, we find that for any help should give a bonus, one point of research for example by day, what we got 5 or 6 years ago for the station (a player of my association, me sitters coming from travian.)

    Big thanks to all my sitters, because I have a house in Vendée 150 m from the beach, a family to Reunion Island, but not internet, (snif!), Paradise is like roses, stuffed with thorns!

    Hi all,

    when you have a server in ptr and a server classic, it's cool, with one or two multi accounts you are a no-life, not for me, ig is a little part of my life, .

    If rail-nation ban a gamer it's a good idea, better than a doctor or psychiatric institut, lol!

    It's damage the russian langage is'not so différent's of French (much words are taking to us) idem for greek, but the cyrillic alphabet is a big problem, a message in cyrillic and follow by in latin and the game is better to understand for gamers a little polyglots.

    Some players want playing on smartphone, hollydays, week-ends or no internet, it's not a good idea, no access to the forum, end game in effect impossible, and no pleasure to make the game, I understand the ptr is not the place where are working our developers ( actually very good, good job) , but all ideas for progressing rail-nation are good to taking.

    sorry for my very bad English, I had just study a year English.

    Hello mr Sparkling,

    You know Travian is a rare German game, it's free with good morality.

    It is difficult for Germans to write and speak English, it's not like us French because English is a derived of French and especially from the west of France Brittany Pays de la Loire using the same grammar.

    As well as the rest of the world to use English as a technical language, for the rest, it is better never to translate the text of their songs because the poverty of this language is shocking.

    We are here to change the game, some ideas from me have been adopted and appreciated on all servers, it is insufficient of course, it is all of us to participate.

    It's a very old bug, when you play some hours, you want to change all travel of your locos to an other, vlan it's crashes, you must return to the beginning of the game, you must reduce the energy for this little work, no video, the game use to quickly the datas of the server for à very little work. If Rail-nation want to be number one off train games, you must work to the 'fluidité du jeu ou érgonomie" (i don't know the terms in english French is a so rich langage with greek latin, celtic arad and so one), and this crash is not acceptable.

    If I have some ideas for bugs of "ergonomy" I will make a new thread.