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Willkommen im PTR Forum!

Hier findet ihr neuste Ankündigungen zum PTR und könnt Ideen und Fehlermeldungen in Englisch und Deutsch posten.

    Hello, you are going to open the origin journey, I am a player of the first just +6 months.

    You should do like Travian, go back to all the rules at the start of the game for a server.

    No bonus trains, no multiple trains, no career locomotive, no videos, no sitters, no coupling, no return to town, no museum, an outright game, difficult to play but exciting.

    Bonjour, vous allez ouvrir le voyage d'origine, je suis un joueur des premiers seulement +6 mois.

    Vous devriez faire comme Travian, revenir à toutes les règles en début de partie pour un serveur.

    Pas de trains bonus, pas de trains multiples, pas de locomotive de carrière, pas de vidéos, pas d'assistants, pas d'attelage, pas de retour en ville, pas de musée, un jeu pur et simple, difficile à jouer mais passionnant.8)

    I play passengers, and sometime I am number one or to or three, but i cannot see who is better of me and how he work, the system don't show passengers, it's to long .

    Je joue passagers de temps en temps je suis no 1 ou no2 ou 3 voire 4, le bandeau ne se déplie plus assez et je ne sais pas qui est devant ou derrière pour mieux jouer, choisir les bons itinéraires, les bonnes locomotives.

    PTR3 cannot open with mozilla firefox used since the beginning , I have installed opera.

    it's not a good idea, but a little avantage, the army of cookies trackers viruses are alone and cannot make injuries.

    I thinck also install cm05 with Vivaldi a clone of opera or a new browser under linux.

    an univers for gaming and one for surfing, and cow will be safety keeping.

    Winter Market is very funny, thanck's Rail-Nation I know it's not finnish, just a thing, when you have a ticket , it would be cool to have some winter pieces to the pleasure and play a new circuit.

    Big problems for the ptr3, don't run with Mozilla as usually (cmo5 is good) I work with linux, I have mounted opera as browser, but it's not good to use systèms non open.

    2) videos don't work , please put a video on 21785 this number want a video it's reason why it's kill the system. (lol!)

    This morning impossible to enter to the game, I thinck your site is hacked and much viruses, I have enter by the french server go to ptr , 1 hour to enter.

    If it's all days like that I go away of ptr, rail-nation is crazy for no money.

    We are hier for gaming, not to stress with mistakes of developpers and turn in round to open a game very very slow, never be so slow since 8 years.

    Best regards.

    I play on linux and firefox since 12 years, the cookies of rail-nation are enregistred from the beginning of the game, new the game ask for cookies not juste one to openning the game, but four asking to play, and you know the game crashes all hours, 20/30 asking by day, it's a really obsession with the cookies, a paranoïa. i know very much seniors playing in rail-nation and enternment for the future in ehpad (medical hotel for alsheimer persons) we have a long time to think's that.?(

    One asking by day, no more please.

    best regards.

    You have upped the date no-problèm it's a ptr.

    But to play the end we prefer playing with olympus

    last time 2 days, 1 hour/

    draco (133 puncts); pluton (189 puncts) olympus (300 puncts)

    total 622 puncts

    ben, 4 days and eight hours not possible

    (the new era 250 golds 100 puncts was impossible not thirst day)

    final with dracos and pluton or hydra

    best regards

    Time left is not affiched (temps restant non affiché) new bug.

    You see that a compétition is running in a town and sayed have I the time to win this one? but you must go to the town, idem the second, idem the third sometime for nothing.

    Hallo lonely

    Dieser Testserver wird verwendet, um neue Versionen des Spiels zu testen, zum Beispiel die 4x-Version, Master, neue Systeme wie den Wechsel von Flash zu HTML5. Die Nähe der Entwickler ermöglicht es mehr Fehlern, Ideen für Zugbegeisterte vorzuschlagen. Es hat auch Nachteile, wenn nötig, starten wir von Null neu.

    Habt ein schönes einsames Wochenende.Good week-end Lonely.

    Career engine, the number off towns is bloqued to 199 and i must had 200 town to a bonus 150 punct of career, and just number of points to upgrade my carreer engine, I thinck 3 x no count.

    Some money for no interest town just 1 punkt.

    In french,

    ben le compteur de villes est grippé à 199, j'ai besoin de passer à 200 pour gagner les 150 points que me permettront d'augmenter la vitesse de ma loco carriere. merci