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    Not sure what the ones above are saying but if I am correct it is about scheduling. I am having hard time changing schedules. I keep getting error message pop ups or the schedules simply wont change.

    I cannot buy new engine and cannot upgrade my Engine House past 18. When I got to 17 it would not let me go past that so I went ahead and bought my Era package just to see if that would upgrade it to 18. It did do that, but now I cannot build up to 19. It keeps telling me I am at max level for this Era. Not only that but it is telling me that on all my buildings. I cannot upgrade any buildings and also cannot buy any trains. When I hover over the buildings it gives me the upgrade price, but when I open the building to upgrade it tells me I am at max level for this Era.MaxEngineHouse.jpg


    I got an invite from another Corp so I decided to accept the invite. When I accepted of course it said that if I joined then I would have to leave my current corp which I thought I was ok with. But the other Corp had filled up before I accepted so not only was I not able to get into the new Corp, I was now left high and dry without a Corp. I had to start a new Corp. I lost the worker I had and not only that now I have to wait 24 hours before I can join the other Corp if they level up. This should not happen. If the Corp that sent the invite fills up then it should not even let me accept it until there is room.

    Good line of questioning, which brought up this question for me.

    "Have delivered at least 1 ton of goods/passengers to the city in the last 24 hours (Metropolis: In the last hour)"

    Does this mean you have to have delivered something to the mega city within an hour before the start of EG or the start of that particular mega cities start? If so, that is going to make those in that city a bit unhappy to start an EG with possibly several goods broken because everybody will be wanting to make sure they have hauled something to the city. I am rarely online for the start of an EG due to time constraints so I would be setting at least one train on at least one good the night before and leaving it there to make sure I was qualified for that city. I am sure I wont be the only one doing that either. I see the reasons for this and I think that is a good thing, but one hour ahead is a bit much?

    Well I started this today after seeing a notice pop up for it on another server. I will be honest and say I have not been keeping up with the forum in fact have not been playing PTR much at all. So I started in PTR 5 to see what it was all about. After noticing a few things here and there and then my city levels up and I see that all the prestige starts over again. So I finally came here to read about all the new things in Platform X. What I am going to say right now is that this may be the absolute best thing to happen to RailNation since Passenger trains were implemented. Bravo to the RN Team. You hit a home run with this. For years I have thought that we should also get prestige for goods delivered to the facilities, and here it is! Now take a bow!

    It was an extended worker, the money worker. Now am trying to remember if there was another one lost or not. If happens again will take better notes of which ones and the times.

    We have lost workers again. They stopped working either during the night last night or sometime today not sure which as I have barely been on.

    This is not happening just in the 4x server. It is happening on PTR2 as well. I lost 3 workers over the weekend that I won and was either not able to use at all or only once. Same thing happened tonight. Bought Marshall, and paid a huge price for him, only to use him once, had to refresh the game and poof, he is gone.

    OK I finally got in the game late last night. Did a few things then went to bed. Now today I have not been able log in all day long. It is now 7:20 PM and still cannot get in.

    Same here. I have not been able to log in since about the same time. That was 10 hours ago. I have noticed this before so will submit this graphic. When I am on the landing page and the server shows as red like this then that is usually when it will not load the game.