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    I have some troubles looking at the top money makers trains

    1) Can only see trains if i go to train station and THEN to trains - if i go directly it just crash.

    2) but even so i cannot see trains from the top 5 money makers. I assume (but do not know) they just have to many tracks. I keeps seeing my own cart/tracks and the forring trains keeps hiding.


    Are you Doickertesting alle 3 ptr-servers? the fix elements tale a long time to download at first login. I had to use several refresh to get it started. (and seems like some animation-demon fails from time to time). Likewise it take a long time to load the first station-screen and the first research-screen.

    Its actual a old problem still giving problems on ptr2:

    If a player have both a invite and had applied for (the same) asso, he will get in trouble if he or the chair use the "wrong" invite/apply

    He will get in ok, but then he will start to receive messages telling he is leaving the asso...and his invest will not count in the majorities (he will count as "without asso").

    If he then leave the asso for re-enter, he has to wait 24 hours ... but when he then re-enter the problem is solved.

    maybe also check what is happening when deleting the unused invite for players already a part of the asso.

    i still have video problem. Sometimes i can see one or two and then it stops.

    As far as i can see its Rail_nations problem: All the self-promotion videos that shall "fill up" have wrong/english/German tags on them, so they cannot be shown in my Danish ip-address. So please tags some of your self-promoting video with Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian etc, so we can see them when there are no "real" videos

    You do not have to translate them ... just tag them

    for me it helps if i open de chrome developer (part of the) screen. then i can reset with a shifting between the formats. A forced redraw i guess - but it works.

    You are more lucky then I am

    I cannot access the game without modify(hack) the html/js code !!

    it does not accept my language setting and the game do not load

    (i made a error report two weeks ago and have not got even an answer)

    I try get start the game, but cannot get in. Stops in the second load-screen.

    (Both in Chrome and Firefox).

    Maybe because you try and detect my pc language setting and then everything goes wrong.


    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'code' of undefined

    at new com_traviangames_railnation_startflow_language_LanguageModule (mainlinehaxern.js:334696)

    at com_traviangames_railnation_startflow_StartFlowCtrlDesktop.handleModuleEvent (mainlinehaxern.js:330413)

    at com_traviangames_railnation_startflow_account_AccountModule.onGetProfile (mainlinehaxern.js:331095)

    at system_network_Request.f [as mSuccessCB] (mainlinehaxern.js:470604)

    at system_network_Request.handleSuccess (mainlinehaxern.js:456920)

    at system_network_Request.onReceive (mainlinehaxern.js:456956)

    at openfl_events__$EventDispatcher_Listener.f [as callback] (mainlinehaxern.js:470604)

    at openfl_net_URLLoader.__dispatchEvent (mainlinehaxern.js:1279)

    at openfl_net_URLLoader.dispatchEvent (mainlinehaxern.js:1184)

    at mainlinehaxern.js:420184


    Chrome dev also say:


    Mixed Content: The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure stylesheet ''. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.