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Willkommen im PTR Forum!

Hier findet ihr neuste Ankündigungen zum PTR und könnt Ideen und Fehlermeldungen in Englisch und Deutsch posten.

    Those are excellent ideas to be implemented , I do have a simple request...Please..... bring back the Orange Ares...It spices things up more "-))

    after you click all the buttons to join an Error message comes up which says log out. when you log out and restart , your still looking for a corporation or joining your own which I did. But at this rate everyone will be a single corp. good luck guys :-)

    On trains despairing and such I have had it happen in different ways only a couple of times within a long duration between them, I was always able to clear it up on a refresh. All in all its a great Game because it doesn`t have violence in it "-)) keep the faith boys and Girls , your all right.

    I am an avid player in the game and I noticed the Gold amount cost for a plus account has increased by 50 gold. May I say the number of competitions for gold were not making it to the end even with the lesser amount,
    2; I was surprised not to see the gold amount there that you offered in the previous and past rounds, I thought it was to compensate your control over the game ,like stopping it at your time. what other reason are players on the PTR We are here so we don`t have to worry about money(ie; like life ayy) Lets be honest. I also see a coming decline Membership due to this. You folks can do what you wish but I would catch this issue before it becomes larger in the total game.

    honestly Mr Botkins..:-)