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Hier findet ihr neuste Ankündigungen zum PTR und könnt Ideen und Fehlermeldungen in Englisch und Deutsch posten.

    As pointed out by a vast amount of people the glitches and bugs in PTR Winter Event are numerous the most glaring one is where does the 102 winter coins from the winter market what happens to these coins or do l have it wrong. Also the vidiots they are tragic you might get the first one to play but the one that gives you the Special Bonus is truly special I have had nothing but nothing from them and who knows what I have missed but trying ten to fifteen times to reload cancel and replay stop jump skip hop bounce or punch is a no go. So frustrating the vids are tedium personified as it is but to rarely have the special reward one play is extra fun l really think l might be going mental because of it ! If l am found certifiable you will hear my imaginary lawyers that l have in my head telling me to go for it on fourth n long ! Firstly though winter coins from the market what where why how and when !

    Hi to Sparkling and hello to Pia_BF both PTR 1 and PTR 3 iam active in booth most things work videos are terrible missing 102 winter coins wherever they end up is anyone guess but multi tasking train routes and buying and selling in multiple numbers seems to ironed out there have been a few iderror message pops up once in a while but most frustrating is trying to get winter coins and being denied the whole idea atm is to obtain as many diamonds via winter coins and all 102 disappear into Sparklings Station because she rigged the game LOL !

    So just to add insult to injury when you redeem the Winter Market 102 winter coin reward after 8 hours they are redeemed into a place called oblivion they disappear and are not to be found or recouped in any shape or form ! So that does'nt work either Day 1 compensation is where ? and can't we just find presents and get a Ho Ho Ho for our due diligence

    Ptr 3 is on the fritz winter event is turning into Home Alone ! one disasterous event after the other the lights fell off the tree the sleigh could'nt stop Santa's arm is in a sling 2 reindeer had to be put down things are looking rather shoddy Help fix button asap TY The things being accomplished are not being counted how many is 3 well I have surpassed that mark several times over

    I would like to address PTR 2 and how it actually shuts off everything I am doing on other open tabs it seems to shock the system and once that happens everything that was open is frozen or bugged out ! Plus many more issues setting multiple schedules is also a hit n miss it's as if you ask for too much at once it seizes up like it's stressed out !

    Videos barely play they roll and then roll into oblivion the wheel spins as if it is about to start then tit just zips across the bottom No video play means No Bonus that is really neat not receiving any bonus in a game where everything small adds up ! Also you gave us too much in the beginning and l blew it why are we not receiving GOLD at the end of each era we should start every Era with 2 000 gold Thanx and the the vid's don't werk either