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    Like the idea. Often wondered if you could have a PAX Career engine option - you would have to put Goods Career engine in Museum and swap to PAX Career engine. Both could be built separately with Career Points. These could be awarded for building Special Routes.

    Pia, Thanks.

    I am aware the live gameworld and the PTR are different as I have a level 30 Career Engine there and was surprised to find I had to start again here' However, there was a bug with the Production , I was presented with the second screenshot you sent me and being aware this was a development site I used 50 Gold to release the Engine - although researched (and sufficient cash)the system wouldn't allow me to buy it. When I returned to buy another, having raised more cash I was presented with the same problem only Production engines were available and I had to pay 50 Gold.

    Interestingly, although I am running the Yellow and Green version of Dionysos on PTR2 now (Well 3 in Museum) on PTR3 it is still locked but another variant is open to me despite not having paid for it(the other Red and White roofed version).

    Take care.

    Thanks Pia,

    I've been playing for years and had researched the Dionysos fully. On the main system the first variant is not the green and yellow version. This was the first in the line and I knew it was a Production Version and had not been opened by me on the test server. I tried to get any version but was only allowed the yellow and green. The same when I returned for another engine, having raised the capital, but again I was asked to pay the 50 Gold to release the Production version I already had running!

    I appreciate your suggestions but neither was the case. THANKS anyway.

    PTR2 - Pioneer

    Trying to buy a basic Dionysus. The Red and Cream (basic) version is in the middle of the Production Versions. I have to pay 75 Gold to get the engine. The first engine in the line is the Yellow and Green version. I paid my 75 Gold to get an engine but upon returning for a second I still have to unlock the Production before I can get any engine!!:(

    Still having issues with videos. arrows got to 80% viewed instantly and freeze, Today the Pollox upgrades are showing 4 available but the bonus video has offered me money and the second time a reduced price (20 Gold) Lottery ticket. One successful upgrade received today despite 6 attempts - 3 on my own bonus 3 on other team members.

    As a level 30 player I decided to join the test programme - to see what might be coming up, Happy to test stuff. So joined PTR3.

    Love the idea of Pollux, encourages you to log on daily and watch videos.

    Love the limit on videos you can watch. In the big associations you always get the video hogs and general members miss out as their video and bonus disappear as others are on the widget.

    Hate the fact that the bonus videos have to be re-loaded 5 times before you get the 10 second to re-load message and then get the 'Ad blocker' is stopping you (it isn't on the main games) and worse still 'You have to re-load'- which means you lose the bonus video.

    Having to start again with my Career Engine is a step too far - I thought it might be fun but other players are offering me Tutorials(I signed out of the scheme). I am not fully testing your developments as my own trains are limited.

    From now I may 'drop in' to see what is happening but certainly wont be playing in 'my normal style'.

    Thank you and good luck.