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    I see my post asking when they'd respond to the dire issues with logging in was deleted.

    All people want is an answer, even if it's "we'll look into it".

    Ignoring people just makes them even more frustrated.

    Read back up through this thread, there has not been a single response to this post, even though people are getting badly stuck logging in.

    30 minutes to login, despite multiple cache clears, browser and screen refreshes is poor performance.

    Ignoring our feedback is just plain rude.

    Usually rewards are given via a bonus code.

    There was no indication when asking for people to come and help give PTR1 a good test drive that the reward would only be available via the Collect Gold function.

    This isn't fair, I played the entire round and gave feedback as well as doing the survey.

    Certainly it's no incentive to come and help next time you need volunteers.

    This is a kick in the teeth, not a thank you!

    I asked about this gold on another thread.

    Still no gold.

    Still no reply.

    I cannot use the Collect Gold function as I have gold on other servers I want to keep there as plan to return at a future date.

    I would not have done this PTR trial if I had known the gold was only going to be available via Collect Gold.

    I played for the entire time the server was running to really test it. By era 6 there were severe login issues (no reply to that either) and some performance degradation with each new update.

    I'm disappointed that I've been ignored, so much for being able to talk to RN staff and engage with them.

    I can't use that Collect Gold function, I have Gold and Plus on other servers which I want to remain in place. I'm sure others will be in the same position.

    Please can you provide a bonus code which we can redeem in the normal manner, which EVERYONE can use!

    That's how I thought it would be done, I wouldn't have taken the time to come and help if I thought I thought I wouldn't be able to get the 500 gold that was offered to all as a thank you for helping. I played the whole round in good faith, am disappointed, as I'm sure others will be too... :(

    Hi Pia

    Could we just get a bonus code to redeem please?

    I can't see an option to "download the gold via the ingame function on every server of your choice where the download function is active" on Loch Ness.

    If you mean the Collect Gold function, that isn't a suitable way to do it, I have Gold and Plus on other servers that I plan to return to.

    Kind Regards


    Hi Support

    At first the performance on PTR1 was good and everyone did notice an improvement and commented on it.

    It's got slower since some of the recent updates, though maybe this is a function of my connecting to 17 cities and running 25 Medusae? Maybe I'm not supposed to do that o O?

    There's been difficulty logging in, needing to refresh several times an hour because the screen has gone white.

    Performance is ok though not as fast as it was, but needing to refresh several times an hour isn't right and the login issues mean I'm posting this note to let you know that it's not yet ready for general release on the normal servers.

    Kind Regards


    Hi Support

    I've heard of this issue before, it hasn't been an issue for me in recent memory until the recent EG on PTR1.

    On a few occasions, when I moved trains to a new route by setting one train on the new route and using the copy function to apply to other trains, it didn't move most of my trains. I had to keep remembering to double check they had all moved - it happened several times.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    I'm wondering if the noobie career train or lack of coupling on some of the bonus trains may be a factor or if this is just a plain bug...


    Totally agree with Skytrain, was same again this morning!

    It took me over 20 minutes to login this morning, we were in the End Game and I was the caller!!!

    This isn't ready for general release yet, the login issues are too bad and need fixing.