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    Fortune: I had a nice bug

    I bought the passenger loco

    Everything got stuck and I had to close the page.

    I still had the loco, and the gold from my account had been debited

    but when I wanted to make a first trip, it was announced 48000000/h8)

    alas everything disappeared when I validated and I could not start again;(

    on the station screen, I picked up 3 green bonuses then I clicked quickly to switch players without waiting for the bonuses to become white.

    I then quickly clicked on the 3 green bonuses of the new player, and then waited.

    the central green bonus became white, the other 2 remained green but the figures they contained disappeared.

    Then I tried to change the player again: the names of the players and their avatars were displayed but not the screen with the 2 green bonuses without numbers inside nor the value of the central white bonus no more than the picture of the station that remained all fixed

    I could go back to something that should have been my station but was someone else’s. I was able to go back to the cities screen but when I wanted to go back to my station, I had a crash...