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    got error code 19 when I tried to invite a player to our corp..."player is too old" was the message.....paramecium was the player I was recruiting

    I can connect to the dairy location at ulm by going around and hitting it from the backside but I do not have a direct connection via cows at ulm...northwest of city

    there are times when I am clicking my research points thru the tree that it is difficult for me to distinguish how many rp's the object needs :/ a senior citizen with eye issues this kinda bothers me...I would appreciate larger numbers or the use of contrasting colors between the number needed and the background circle...this might be beneficial for some of your other members also...thanx

    in trying the new force feature, I was able to get that to work once...however now video number 22478 is looping on 478, force, watch 478 again, repeat this process … this occurs on all 3 stations where videos can be watch...the idea is great and I like it a lot... the video screen shows a quick play and then the dot just sets at the end of the video play timeline....there is no change even if play video (arrow) is pressed repeatedly...edge or chrome, windows 10 and video 21785 does the same

    there have been times when i first get the game going that a red square pops up and says stop sitting and the cash is maxed out ... i click on the red square and it tells me that i used a prohibited word ( if i did somewhere i am sorry )...anyway i reboot and everything returns to normal

    in order for me to log in to this server, i must completely turn off my laptop, then restart and proceed thru the normal process of getting to the game...when i leave another ptr game or if i am playing one of the regular server games and i attempt to go thru the steps ( closing rn, logging out of my internet provider, re logging in, then going thru normal start procedures) to bring the game it is unresponsive...i show a screen with a bank that is maxxed out, william says i need to mentor someone, and i have to stop sitting for buttons or tabs work for me..the turning off of my computer allows the game to work fine...i use google chrome as isp

    i am just beginning the second era on ptr1 in hassle is neither this city or my closest neighbor has reached level 5 i cannot run pax yet... while this is not a problem playing the game is a problem with the tasks lucy has given me...i cannot get thru all of her assigned tasks which doesn't allow me to use the + account advantages that i have such as servicing multiple trains at 1 time or setting multiple schedules with 2 is aggavating to be this far along in the game and not to be able to use the full spectrum of abilities that the game has given me

    cannot copy schedule from one lindworm to is an 8 stop train..good / city/ good / city etc...getting an error message

    this is my point that to add to this conversation... the previous practise was 2000 per era for a total of 12000 gold...your 8000 at the start of era 1 represents a 4000 bar reduction.... i also don't understand the reason behind this decision...all 3 ptr"s are test servers... what difference does it matter how much gold players would get...i believe the idea would be to get as many players online to test whatever fixes that are needed for your game as it moves along to the public for their consumption... i hope that there will be more gold/+account good competitions planned to help make up part of this difference