Posts by Nathan

    As an Italian I am playing with the language set to Italian and I have to say there are a lot of errors in tranlations.

    First of alla the name of the cities, ROMA, MILANO, NAPOLI, written in (I think) german

    Maybe the names of the european cities should be translated correctly or left with their original name as written in their home language.

    There are also little errors in italian translations in some messages. If you need an help with the Italian language just tell me... I'll be happy to work for you. :-)

    Maybe is a little slow the timing on the MEDALS tag.

    When I have to redeem several medals is too long the time to wait between each click (about one second).
    That is not a problem if there is just one medal or two to redeem, but when they are several the waiting time is annoing.

    Mabe a: "Redeem All" button could help, or make the buttons work faster.

    Just suggestions...


    I found several Bugs in the initial sequence of missions.

    For example I bought and expamsion BEFORE receiving the mission asking for it, then when I received that mission I automaticly Passed the mission, receiving the prize... and then after a couple of other mission I've ben asked Again to fullfill the same mission.

    Yesterday I was stuck in the "Buy a worker for your corporation" and I had other missions in stand bay. Today I logged In and received a message: "All your missions are completed".

    Maybe there is some error here and there.

    BTW... I already played the game several times on other servers. Why do not you give an option to SKIP the tutorial (but receiving the bonus package of gold, money an such that you can obtain in the tutorial)?
    It's boring for expert players to follow all that long tutorial every restart.