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    Now I got the log of association:

    System message : 18:43:16

    Tiksi is a member of the association Chaoten now.

    System message 18:43:26

    Tiksi left the association.

    I guess DB error makes me out of the association, how's that possible?

    Steps I did:

    1.- Open the game

    2.- read a couple of messages

    3.- send a pm

    4.- accept invite of association, got Error message: "you already part of an association"

    5.- accept it again(DB Error)

    6.- got medal of being part within an association with more than 10 members, then notice there was no association.

    7.- Checked association list and couldnt join it.

    8.- refresh the page going to lobby and join again world.

    9.- Error message I need to wait 24 hours to join association.

    Today Ii left the association where I started the world, and also clicked to join with an invite of another association, then I saw a DB error, so I refresh the page and when I join again, appears that I cant join any associiation because by somehow I already joined another association in less than 24 hours

    Well, I recognize It was strange for me to see it. It's my first PTR, and was my first round after 3-4 years of not playing this game, so I couldnt remember a lot of things. when I joined we were on era4, so I tough gold was being added era to era, but then I saw it was not, now I can't afford that package.

    If this is not an error, then we should have gold added to start new round? or that only will be able on next round? or we never will have more gold again?

    Oh sorry I didnt feedback about this. Let's see, I bought one with gold at coming soon, then I bought another one with normal auction, and mission still there, after a couple of refrsh(full refresh), thee game identified the mission was complete.

    Oh ok, thats good. In that case, why the message of "your association still can afford another worker" in yellow poped up?

    As Andrea Doria says, it's amaizing to play in 4x, and it makes me back to play it. Just wondering when I will be able to play it on my ROG Phone II.

    I have found just like Andrea says, glitches on graphics, like after a couple of hours playing some trains become other color, or take flags colors, or trains which dissapear after a couple of "afk" minutes/hours.

    I would like to suggest that to fix some screens inside screens, I mean, Some times I double-click association button, or any other, and it opens twice, then I close them and when try to open again the button is pressed like if already open, but nothing(I can't reproduce it right now) maybe it's a cache issue, or internet problem.

    Well, title says everything, Im in PTR3, I create an association today earlier, and I got invited to another one, there was no warning that I can't change association. Only warning on loss workers or anything else. but nothing to say "you cant join another one" as this is 4x speed test, we should have at least half time to join other associations, not 24 Hours.

    Makes any sense?


    I owuld like to join also. I have a ROG Phone 2. Actually Rail Nation App doesnt work in my device because screen rotates at start and it freeze up.

    My actual mission is to buy a new license. I have bought 2 licenses so fair and the mission is still asking me to buy a new license!