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Willkommen im PTR Forum!

Hier findet ihr neuste Ankündigungen zum PTR und könnt Ideen und Fehlermeldungen in Englisch und Deutsch posten.

    My lab researcher is either slow or not working properly. Should speed up research by 25%, but don’t do it. Also, I would still remember that points should come from 12 to level 21, I may be wrong about this.

    R2 you are aware of the "funny" way you get the cash from video? The are added to the amount you receive the NEXT time you click a green bonus.

    There are also some language problems. What is bonus video (all videos) and what are special bonus videos (the second one) .... and now this is changing to only the second one are bonus video....what are the name of the first ones then? (pre-bonus-bonus videos).

    So I'm just spending time to videos for nothing. Expect other bonuses. Confusing couse i did not know about it.

    And quite tired to translate all german or what ever langue issues, no go. So how ever, is it just imposible to get money for watching these brain killing all over same vids, and hoping to get even something usefull..? Cash no more, okay then.

    Just saying that this is the forum to complain if something is wrong, or not working like it should be - or should be better otherwise. Dunno anymore. X/

    Videos and bonus money - dont get it. Same kind of issue with train spotters.


    Hola!? Nobody cares? I look stupid videos, sometimes not working. When works, dont get the bonus money. Wagons ok i guess, pollux update ok, but no money. Waiting for repair if it never ever comes. :sleeping:

    you know what you wrote is very unpleasant. But the worse is that you didn't give screnna and console log.


    It would help developers a lot

    I don´t know what part was so unpleasant. Anyway, admins can check my account and see what has happened. works here and normal servers. And no use to take screen shots and other´s - couse bug had already appeared and i didn´t see it coming.

    Try Edge. I use Edge only for this game, becos i have adblocker at chrome. But even using edge, this says sometimes that vids can not to be played couse adblock, that i dont have at edge. Using firefox, computer goes grazy and hard drive is taking rounds and heats. So nice...

    Same story - after game ends no any points added to my achievements list.

    I am sure that my city was in the top-10 list, and I was in the top-1000 list.

    But - nothing changed at least in that two achievements.

    Any help?

    At january i got something, not all. Next fast forward PTR3 also ended. Same thing, nothing much. Hmm one upgrade to careare engine - and thats all i got. This is just two case, still missing points from rounds before.

    video 21450, perhaps the most common, never, never, never, never ever finishes, can that be solved?

    I have 21781 video, what never works. Always have to stop and reload again. And by the way, all the commercial videos all Travian games - such as RN. I have seen only two vids few times from region that i live. Couple eras ago, and now 2 times. And i do realise and understand that companies that want to ad here, have problems with finance at these bad times. All over the world.

    Never the less, that 71781 vid is most bugging peace of ... Dunno if that other video get problems, not for me, if i ever have seen it. Probably i have seen, dont remember.

    Happy week end for all, sorry about typos - beer must have something to about it :saint::D

    New problem with videos. Looking (and reloading of course), I can watch at same station building same videos over and over again, but never get any bonus. this started today.

    Edit, and all works now. I didn´t do anything to computer even. Problem was few hours ago.