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    Same here, I got my point´s also. Funny thing that there was some delay, so i got some of it earlier, and rest of it right now.

    Nevermind that delay, now all is fine. Thanks RN, and nice weekend for all :):thumbup:

    Okay, I could live with "....there is nothing to you, I guess...", but what I would appreciate is to get at least any kind of reaction from RN. I understand, this is an experimental server and, instead of paying for better playing, we even get gold at each beginning. So, we have nothing really to ask for !! Anyway: an honest reply is better than a long silence.........................

    My opinion /// regards Lonely

    I´m also waiting reaction, and still waiting since last round. There are other older writings about the same issue, and noboby haven´t answer.

    Anyway this is afterall place to give feedback about the game, and bugs that appear. Well, let´s wait and see if some one could fix it.

    Round 26
    9/8/20 - 10/21/20

    Did not participate

    Round 25
    7/27/20 - 9/2/20

    Did not participate


    Is there anything that you can fix, or not will not to fix. Good work, keep on going same wave. This is so great again, all the other player will be pleased also<3:saint:

    Videos dont work properly in the new scenario in PTR3 - often takes several reloads or restarts to get through the 2 videos for a bonus, sometimes just have to give up altogether. My browser is Edge

    There is nothing new about this issue. Maybe videos are so hi technology that no one can never fix it....

    by the way, did you shut down the adblocker?

    I use Edge browser only with this game, and i don´t have any adblocker at the browser. Even still i get notifications about using it.

    Chrome i use to other stuff, and there i have ublock, wich is better than adblock.

    About hour ago i could not see any video, just white screen with cloud, could not load fast enough, it says. Then shut browser, open again. Before that even could not acces to this forum.

    not so much advertising i guess xD so you'll have to watch same stuff

    Well.. that idea was for the admins to use, for free! But i understand advertising, btw i have seen even local adds, what was kind of strange, but fine by me. Not the same stuff that we all see now.

    Anyway, as known, videos don´t work and nobody is doing nothing about it. It´s just annoying.

    When and if videos won´t work, just get raid of them, figure out somethin else less boring. Like collect bonus, after that button to klick and collect something else. No need for videos, just waste of time "watching" same stuff over and over again.

    Where I can insert this bonus code?:/


    So is there anything to do with round 25?

    And my lost wagons at this round?:)

    And couple round ago 10.000.000 lost cash - okay never mind that:S

    What the he.. Making a new schedule, and have i lost lost wagons or what? Seems that i have to spend something like 350 000 to wagons for cowsX/ Like end game prizes for a day 1. Not so funny. Still crappy engines so nothing expensive have not happened.

    And back to last round, game is still saying that i havent even playded it, so where are my bonuses:?:

    I know that this PTR and things happen... just if you could fix these previous problems. More of that at german topic. Thank You:sleeping:

    Jetzt habe ich nachgesehen, das Spiel sagt, dass ich nicht an Runde 25 teilgenommen habe. Also habe ich nichts bekommen

    Now i looked, game says i did not participate round 25. So i did not get anything. Help, hilfe bitte..?

    Bitte sprechen Sie Deutsch im deutschen Raum. Wenn Sie genau hinschauen, gibt es zwei Bereiche für diese Fehler. Und ich habe auch das gleiche Problem, dass das Spiel sehr langsam funktioniert.

    Hello Pia, when we get those bonuses at PTR3?:)

    Back to this issue. Seems to get even worse than before, now reloading same video 2-3 times. Very annoying and makes me crazy. If can not be fixed, try to figure out some other ways to torture us how to spend time watching or doing "something".

    After all this is a bug, really. Bored with this. And yea, i have cleaned my computer, using other browser for this only and so on...