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    I upgated a builgin and got "user error", nothing seem´s to happened, went to map and back. Then building was uprgating - and i lost 10 million cash, so it was double charged.=O

    Videos are getting even worse than ever, same video needs for ever more reload again and again. And is there a reason that it have to watch vid at same building twice, just boring and annoying, really?X/

    PTR1 ended some hour´s ago. Now I don´t even see whole game anywhere. Just vanished away, but after EG does it even matter?

    Laboratory got broken. At level 25 it should make 9 points / hour. Now 12.5 / hour. Same thing at PTR2 also.:cursing: Is it a bug or some kind of improvement to make game even worse? There are also other issues, at other threads.. like have to buy upgrades over and over again, jamming videos.

    And now that I watched, actual time is still 9 min. Meanwhile when i click lab, it show´s that 12,5 minutes.

    Edited. Confused…

    After maintenance, font size turn to quite too small, compare for example to PTR3, where size is normal. Now i have to guess numbers etc, unless I use CTRL+ to size screeen… not good at all.

    hi, i dont think the achievements are working correctly. i am working toward company mother 8 and even though i am collecting bonuses on my assoc stations the total is stuck and not increasing. not sure if this is the only achievement that is not working or not.

    I´m getting notices from career, and there is nothing. And couse i play a lone and collecting just only my own bonuses, so there is a bug.

    Or wait, maybe some delay. Just got something. Editet...

    This happens from time-to-time, when you click on the next button, before the server has picked up the last one.... (I think).

    Solution: just click a little bit slower.


    Okay, have to try little slow motions;) Happened twice, and now once at PTR3, also playing alone, so there can not be anyone else:/


    Something weird happened today. I was collecting my bonuses, and once i got information that other player has allready collected it. And I play alone. :!:

    Bonus was so small that i don´t know did i got it or not8o Game is haunted, but just for you to know, Admins.

    Hello, I tried to upgrade my laboratory to lvl 10, game crashed - and i lost 2 million of money|| Please dear admin, get it back for me:!:

    Still waiting for my cash. I had once same issue at normal round, then money was cashed two times. Got my missing cash back then.

    I collected 3 coin´s. Didn´t change them to anything. No i can´t find them anymore, and yes i checked the Lottery…X/

    Okay, I will jump into your account and take a look on it, maybe I could find the problem.

    So did you find any issues, or is it just me? OT btw, travian works fine with Chrome. Only Rail Nation bugs me...

    Okay, about hour ago i managed to log in, but with Edge browser. Chrome worded 2-3 days. Same thing with normal server, have use Edge, otherwise nothing works.