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    It is almost impossible to log in to the PTR1
    after 10 to 15 times it works, but if you want to give the trains a correct service arrangement, the image freezes and you have to try to log in from before or on.
    So I'm going to stop with the PTR 1.
    The PTR 2 has no problem with that.

    good afternoon.

    in my lobby the career points don't work.

    videos don't count anymore this has been since 3 weeks

    for the videos I have already been 3897 for 3 weeks and I still watch a lot of videos

    Good afternoon.

    i am having trouble counting the career points from watching the videos.

    these have been at 3897 for more than a week and are rising but not while I watch the videos on the PTR1 / PTR2 / PTR3

    with kind regards


    good evening.

    Since the last update I can no longer copy from one train to another train in the timetable planner, the game freezes. then I have to close it completely.

    I use google chrome as a browser. and windows 7.


    Good evening. Pia_BF

    The PTR3 was very slow.

    If you want a train to change goods.

    Click on a train:

    Wait 4 seconds

    Click on delete:

    Wait 4 seconds

    Click on the new goods:

    Wait 4 seconds

    Click on the destination:

    Wait 4 seconds

    Click on goods again

    Wait 4 seconds

    Click on the destination:

    Wait 4 seconds

    Click on further

    Wait 4 seconds

    Click on all the trains

    Wait 4 seconds

    Click on continue

    Wait 4 seconds again

    It is therefore despondent.

    Kind regards


    good evening.

    the PTR server is so slow it takes 5 seconds after every click you have to wait 5 seconds. you spend almost 30 seconds changing goods.

    this is no longer fun

    kind regards


    Given that no videos can be watched, it is not possible to win that winter event. If I was the only one with a complaint about these videos I can understand, it may be my institutions' fault.

    But given the many responses from the Vedeos, it is not my institutions.

    I would have expected something different here, too bad.

    Now I don't like it

    Dear MollyMouk

    I do not use a script or ad blocker. I accept cookies.

    I would like to help you, but as you describe, unfortunately I cannot help you.

    When I go to browser settings, I don't see the developer tools button anywhere. so it is impossible for me to comply with this request.

    I am not such a computer freak.

    But I think it is strange that in the live version of RN the videos can be seen as well, for me it is still the same settings.

    I am active on live servers on the NL201Euromast, NL02-Kolenkast, NL01 Com302 The Alps steam boiler and on M19 Allstars Final.

    Kind regards.

    Railroad buddy

    Hello Mollymauk

    unfortunately there is no switch to accept cookies when I log in for the PTR3 servers.

    so unfortunately not yet possible to watch videos.

    Kinds Regards,


    good afternoon.

    it may be true that the videos do not work.

    get a message that I have to deactivate my ad blocker.

    but at the live game of RN I can just watch the videos.

    now it works in the PTR version.

    Kind regards

    Rai Road Buddy