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    I don't know why, but EVERYTHING I click on is VERY slow to respond. Not so in RN USA 101, which I have played for many rounds now. And just getting the thing to load as far as the dashboard takes a LONG time. I haven't been on every day as a result - no fun to play when nothing is responsive.

    I just started this round. When I first attempted to log in I had to use Google translate to get on. I was given a box that wanted my activation code, however even though I had already chosen English-US, the box was entirely in German (which I don't read). I was able to get past that box only by copying the language to translate, and then finding out what it wanted. Once I entered the activation code, a new activation code popped up in German again. I had to restart the game to get past that box, as it would not accept my activation code. Once I restarted the game, everything was in English, and language has not been an issue again.