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Willkommen im PTR Forum!

Hier findet ihr neuste Ankündigungen zum PTR und könnt Ideen und Fehlermeldungen in Englisch und Deutsch posten.

    I've already answered the survey questions.

    In summary the new function:

    - Has a more pleasing graphics

    - It's better structured

    - For the login bonus I preferred previous way of prizes assignment: win generated from a pool of possible

    winnings looks like a lottery; in the game there are a lot of situation like that.

    I don't understand why in the shop

    - Good the chance to maintain the login bonus when you are unable to collect it but I would prefer to link it to the career than to the mega bonus

    I had no time to better analyze Full Steam Box: is seems a good package but I think it's more suitable for the x4 speed game.

    1. When the additional houled wagon has been researched on the engine Rhinoceros, I run the upgrade, the system takes the money but the number of wagons always remains two even after logging out and logging in.

    Ok. Done. Tks Orphili.

    I have the same problem with special bonus video: adBlocker of the browser doesn't block but the video doesn' show.

    Fixed! Video works with Chrome, not with Firefox (Firefox properly works with PTR1 on the same PC)