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    PTR2 endgame

    Opened megacity screen about 20seconds before the error occurred.

    Error (Train:getMinTrainInfo local pc time: Mon Dec 2 19:46:05 GMT+0000 2019 ) Body:


    params: ["8e7ca399-da31-4a0e-ad1f-17f65dd06967"]

    on PTR2, redeem 3 coins for RP then try to head to the research screen.

    Error (GUI:get local pc time: Mon Nov 25 14:30:01 GMT+0000 2019 ) Body:


    params: []

    PTR2, viewing player list.

    Error (Profile:getProfile local pc time: Sun Nov 24 23:45:13 GMT+0000 2019 ) Body:


    params: ["6ccd5c51-bc79-6143-29f9-3de7b94f56b1"]

    On PTR2, after purchase the Era package.

    I purchased with EH upgrading 9->10, I had remembered to clear out my research points prior to purchase the era package.

    The only potentially unusual aspect is that my internet connection is unreliable here. And there did seem to be an internet glitch around the same time.

    The era package did correctly send EH to 10->11, and filled up research points. Then I think the error came when I tried to switch to the lab screen, or perhaps was when I tried to assign the RPs.


    Error (GUI:get local pc time: Mon Oct 28 14:55:36 GMT+0000 2019 ) Body:

    {"trace":"#0 /var/www/ browsergame\\rpc\\RPCClient->internalSend('http://meta-ptr...', '[\"3811457\"]', true)\n#1 /var/www/ browsergame\\rpc\\RPCClient->send('AccountInterfac...', 'getGoldShopBonu...', Array)\n#2 [internal function]: railnation\\interfaces\\GUIInterface->get()\n#3 /var/www/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array)\n#4 /var/www/ browsergame\\rpc\\RPCServer->handleRequest(Object(browsergame\\rpc\\request\\Flash), Object(browsergame\\rpc\\response\\Flash))\n#5 {main}","line":133,"message":"rpc call failed (rts/cs)","type":"browsergame\\exceptions\\InternalServerError","number":40,"file":"/var/www/"}

    params: []


    I'm wondering if some new strategy could be created around Twin citys in SoE.

    The advertised concept for Twin citys is that it promotes partnership. For the two aspects of twinning (free city connection, 20% passenger revenue bonus), here's the current reality: connect to our city for free and be able to plunder our city for transport prestige and run against us in our competitions. The passenger revenue bonus is of little consequence in comparison with the route occupancy variation in base price.

    To be honest I found pretty much zero discussion of Twin citys in the live RN forum, the only comments were around how to use(abuse?) the twinning mechanism for a single player to connect to many citys for free. It seems essentially a dead feature.

    This idea draws somewhat on the USA scenario of adding cargo RG transports to a city together at the end of day. But in this case the addition would be across players which have the city set as Home, and separately across players which have their Home set to any Twin of the city, and a separate third bucket for Others. At the end of each day the three buckets will be totalled and then subject to the following rules:

    In comparison with the sum of the 3 buckets:

    - Home < 40% then no twinning bonus

    - Twin > 40% then no twinning bonus

    - Twin > 20% then +100% twinning bonus

    - Twin > 30% then +200% twinning bonus

    The bonus to be applied to the prestige of all players who have transported cargo RG to the city.

    This bonus scheme sets up various challenges to be overcome:

    - Home players still have to control the city, but can't have the bonus if they completely dominate the city. They'll have to find a way perhaps to give out factory majority to players from a twin city, or a friendship. But then this could create more difficulty when it comes time to level the city.

    - Other players with home set to other citys in the Region have to be careful not to spoil the twinning bonus

    - Other players from other Regions and not twinned will have to decide whether to attempt to spoil the Twinning bonus or not: a question that could come down to wanting to take away Region points(through 0.5% player prestige contributions), or as the Other individual wanting the Twinning bonus for their own transports.

    I'm thinking that if the amount of the bonus and the levels at which the Twinning bonus starts to apply are chosen sufficiently carefully then there could be a whole new strategy layer where Regions have a choice to co-operate with one another.



    Es sieht so aus, als ob es einen Fehler gibt, der sich auf die zentrierte Fensteroption für das Lager auswirkt - die Wartezeit wird möglicherweise nicht aktualisiert, wenn sich das Gut ändert? Im ersten Screenshot sehen Sie in der linken Fensterhälfte die korrekten Wartezeiten. Fehler beim Update und auch ein Mehrfachauswahlproblem in der rechten Hälfte.

    Ich füge auch Screenshots der vollständigen Wartezeitberechnung für Eisen und Maschinen bei nicht zentrierter Fensteranzeige hinzu. Hier sehen Sie die Abhängigkeit vom Lagerbestand (Charlotte Iron +4: 01, Charlotte Machinery +00: 00)



    It looks like there is some sort of bug affecting the centered windows option for the warehouse - the wait time not updated on change of good perhaps? In the first screenshot you can see the correct wait times in the left half of the window. Failure to update and also a multi-selection problem in the right half.

    I also attach screenshots of the full wait time calculation for iron and machinery in non-centered windows display option. Here you can see the dependence on stock levels (charlotte iron +4:01, charlotte machinery +00:00)


    Hi Lars,

    I'll try to use some different wording to clarify. Perhaps some other players have input here?

    Yes, I agree an absolute value should be shown for the revenue gain, but only if the underlying mechanics are that this absolute value is actually used to calculate the revenue gain.

    However, in your first answer there was indication that the revenue calculation is complicated.

    --"it can happen that the Bonus makes for a large percentage of the base price"

    I understand from that statement that for the same association, and at the same warehouse, there is the possibility of the Bonus being large(for one good), with the concurrent possibility that it could be small (for another good). If so then there is no percentage value which applies to all goods at the warehouse (for the association). In other words there is a percentage value for each individual good.

    I believe the integration calculation used to be very simple. At each instant, for every warehouse, for every association, an integration percentage is calculated. To calculate the Bonus for a particular good, multiply the base price for the current stock level of the good by this integration percentage. All goods used the same percentage, and that's why there is one place at the warehouse where the integration percentage is displayed - (edit) screenshot the percentage applies to all goods.

    Without further information I can only see two possibilities: the mechanics have changed, or a floating (NAN) number is being applied using the original mechanics. The former seems more likely.



    • allGoods.png

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    hi Lars,

    So if the percentage is not a fixed percentage(fixed by the comparison of deliverys and pick-ups of the association), then I can't understand the point of the revenue percentage figure for the warehouse as a whole?

    When the warehouse was first introduced in Europe I specifically asked Support how the integration bonus was calculated. Its different to factorys certainly, but was still retaining the percentage revenue bonus effect. Now it definitely sounds like there has been a game mechanics change.

    If true, can you give indication as to the intention of that game mechanics change? None of my searches through blogs or on the RN forum has come up with anything about this subject.


    hi Lars,

    All of those tracks have been laid for many days.

    The trains weren't boosted.

    I didn't stopwatch the trains moving on the routes: the difference is only of the order of 2seconds for the two different routes, so wouldn't give any confirmation one way or the other since I'd say a stopwatch timing probably isn't accurate to less than 5 seconds.

    Are the routes calculated separately by the client and the server? Or does the server do it all?



    In the warehouse the integration revenue gain is displayed as +NAN%.

    Looking at several examples, the integration gain can range from +12% up to +600% (integration revenue as a percentage of current base price).

    It seems as though the high percentage gains are when the stock level for the good is high, which sort of means there aren't extraordinary gains to be made.

    I can't work out if there has been some deliberate coding change here? Or if the integration premium is floating because of the NAN.



    The most obvious aspect of the two attachments is that the integrated route is quicker !!! - even with the additional 1 second wait time !!

    Here's a proposed reason:

    For a direct route from warehouse Milwaukee to Minneapolis the client is choosing the route through city-grain-cattle-leather-wires....

    wh_direct_route_timing - warehouse round-trip travel time 2:57

    But for an integrated route where I insert a stop at tools, the client necessarily has to choose city-coal-tools-pipes-wires on the return journey...

    wh_integrated_route - warehouse round-trip travel time 2:55 (2 seconds less)

    So one explanation could be that the track route city-coal-tools-pipes-wires is shorter than city-grain-cattle-leather-wires.

    If so, why didn't the client choose city-coal-tools-pipes-wires for the direct route to the warehouse?



    Yes to the first question.

    The way I understand overtime is that it sets the occupancy rate assuming that the factory capacity is double what it actually is. This means that the occupancy based portion of the waiting time will be reduced.*

    This reduction in that portion of the wait time allows you to do more transports in the hour, and therefore you certainly will have some increased growth tendency(all other things equal). But I'm assuming that the growth tendency is meant to be based on normal growth tendency rules. If it isn't I'd certainly like to know what the growth tendency rules are in this case - my web searches turned up a blank on this.

    Here's a screenshot of over 100% growth tendency.

    For those citys lucky enough to have an RG arrive near the start of the overtime there's a disproportionate factory growth bonus(along with associated investment prestige gain).

    *contrast with strike which sets the occupancy rate based on half capacity: occupancy is doubled; growth tendency is always zero. I think the growth tendency has to be zero to avoid difficulties in the case of strike and people running from near 0% occupancy having to set too few schedules for maximum growth. Or its just set to zero to make the strike sufficiently painful.


    The factory tendency at Minneapolis NE is shown as +68%.

    The occupancy is shown as 46%. Now calculate the effective occupancy last hour: add another 20% because of capacity growth, then double it because of moonlight, so actual occpancy to be used in the calculation is around 130%. That should give growth tendency of 16% on express.

    This isn't endgame, so investment clicks aren't all that many. I think the ones before recalc don't count in the displayed tendency? So it's just my invests this hour (2) for another +0.8%.

    It's well short of the +68%.

    Further evidence comes from the transports. We're now only two hours after people started running sheet metal. Total transports of 10,500 tons. The capacity is 4000 tons, it's not even enough for 50% growth when delivered in a single hour on Express. It was delivered over two hours, so the growth should be even less than that. But the factory is level 2 and 63% - thats 160% growth.

    I've attached pictures of two other sheet metal factorys which grew significantly last hour.


    If I want to find out which players are connected to a landmark on the PTR1 SoE html5 version, I can't do it easily. If I click on the landmark button which shows connected player, the list is actually a list of players connected to the associated city (I verified this for a particular players tracks).

    I'm not sure if this is a bug, since I'm not playing a live Europe server at the moment.

    If players connected to landmark is a useful game function then really requires a fix, otherwise removal of button from the landmark I'd say.



    On PTR4, I had vouchers for halving the passenger wait time. While I was clicking as rapidly as possible to get rid of them, I ran out, and having only one gold left reached some popup window where I was offered a waiting time reduction for 0 gold, but with a button charging 25 gold.

    I didn't receive the wait time reduction for free.

    On x-off that window, the correct behaviour of a button charging 25 gold, and a warning about not enough gold was present.