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    so I have to write an essay? I've never written anything like that.

    And the city will be crowded. However, now the city is on 10 and I am not able to buy the wagons needed ... just skipping 2 epochs will not replace 10 vouchers for a 20% discount on construction ... nor five vouchers for a track when one costs a few thousand but can't building on the rails. Gold would have completely run out ... obviously :-)

    I logged in to ery 1 and would like to take advantage of this offer and start again, I have an association in Dusseldorf - will it let me go when I start again?

    but I'm not good at writing an essay and I don't have time for it ... that's the only way to get a new log in to ery 3?

    I missed the essay and agreed in the association, but now I don't know ... :-( I don't know English, I need to use a translator


    I joined the era 1, unfortunately. I still have a few swallows laboratory at 6, 7 Enginehouse, Bank 3, Track production 3. Odin I shopped for vouchers and gold (points were only added to the lab limit - it was at very low level 2 or 3) , and the package era exhausted because of the points that are in this epoch in my case ridiculous. I had to use the vouchers for cheap Enginehouse, Bank. Odin (only basis) earns only about twice as much as the swallow. There is a problem that the voucher cannot be postponed to a more expensive purchase :-(. Players from the association who started in era 3 have a Bank of about 11, Laboratory 10, a Enginehouse of 10 or more and Track production of 6 or more. Gold is a good compensation, but not on the low lottery lottery, and if you pull out a 24 hour plus account, it doesn't help much.

    Complementing the bank to 720,000 - not a higher level, disappeared very quickly to a couple of Enginehouses and a lab and is not even wagons: - (( Video doesn't work. I can't even help myself with a video bonus.

    (I need translator )

    I can not run videos on PTR1, PTR2. PTR3. There is no problem on the Czech server Rychlík. The number I see when I start playing video on black is 22674 - now tested on PTR 3 and PTR1. The number is the same. Afternoon - 4 pm - There was a number of 21785. No video will be displayed.