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    When things like this (ERA jump of 4 weeks) happen I always start asking (to) myself: WHY? Speeding up?? No, because the EG will last for who knows how long. 38 goods need 325+ waggons. We need tracks en level up (besides track production) the Engine house, the Bank and the Lab. So what is the use. You could have started in era. More fun for us and enough time. Please explain why and how we should deal with this. Many thx. A lonesome cowboy.:)

    Nothing works anymore. Can not scedule the trains write messages or.....whatever you think of I cannot do it anymore. When I log out/log in and click the train banner to set scedules all trains disappear from screen. etc etc etc. It is a DISASTER.X(X(X(:cursing:

    Hello to you all.

    What I am going to say/write now has been on my mind for quite some time.

    I love this game very much but I do not like the way the EG is played. It looks like the more players you gather in a town the easier it is to win.

    This is because the amount of goods that has to be brought in per active player is getting less and less when more players connect to a town.

    Until the amount of goods is "FIXED" for every player according to the level of the town we will have no fair endgame EVER.

    Or are we planning on limiting the number of players that CAN connect to a city. Then we would have a equal playingfield again.

    At the moment my interest in playing the EG is getting smaller and smaller because the competition is UNFAIR.

    I play because I love the game. I hate what you have done/is happening to the EG. That is absolutely NO FUN.

    Signed up for a competition. Passengers to Cardiff. Then the Hades came in. NOT counted. Electra came in. Idem: NOT counted. Kangoroo came in and WAS counted. Very strange. Refreshed but still not counted. Then I had to wait for a few minutes. WT in C. Trip to CC the LM. Back to C WT in C. Trip to Manchester. WT in M. Trip back to C. Hades was counted. But then the Kangoroo came in again. Thought the Electra was faster?? Both counted, K and E. Strange things happening.:/:(

    Server goes at 4x "normal"speed. How about the money that we make? Is the income in 1 day as much as normally in 4 days?? i.e. Speed of trains and price paid should be 4x ( 1 x 4 or 2 and 2 or 4 x 1) as much as normal. If I am wrong please correct me.

    On the PTR 1 my lab is at level 22. The info when opening the lab says: a RP every 11 minutes. In fact it is still a RP every 15 minutes (x 0.75 because of plusaccount). Why this misleading info?:/