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    Dear RN-Team,

    I sincerely hope that you are aware of the bad performance on PTR3, at the moment.

    It is almost so bad (for me, at least), that I would call it "unplayable".

    - Yes; the engines all run, and haul the set good from A->B... but, that is not only what this game is about, right?

    IF I want to do a competition, it is almost impossible to do exact calculations... which is a part of the whole game, as far as I am concerned.

    When the graphic engine has so severe hickups, the whole game suffers.

    Could you please look into this... soon?

    (Or at least, let us know what your stand is, concerning the problem).


    I must say I'm happy with the adjustment of the updates for the Video-Locomotive. (At least, it seems to be at LEAST 1/3+ more wins, to me!) Now, one can CONSIDER calling this engine "usable", in contrary to before, as it seemed impossible to get it up to somewhat descent power. (I mostly had an engine, pulling 3-4 wagons and going, like 60 km/h in the endgame... great! Thanks a lot! ?( ).

    Now, in Era 4, I have mostly double that power. -so, thanks for that!

    - -

    The afore mentioned bug, with "getting the same win several times" remains, though!!

    - I am VERY certain that I got the same upgrade TWICE already, even if I had it already. (Pull wagons of era 4).

    Either I DO get a "win" - or I don't... right?

    It's bogus to give me a "win" that I have already.

    I still have weird issues with my engines redraws on PTR3 !

    As the trains are now, at least not dissapearing, they are still VERY irradical in their redraw performance.

    - sometimes BEFORE the actual position, sometimes behind...

    It is RATHER difficult to make competitions, or even just know when the engines are "collected" in the city, if needed.

    Could you PLEASE look into this soon... ?



    maybe it's just MY browser??? (Firefox, latest version). ...but, that makes no real sense to me.

    Dear RN-Team.

    Congratulations on your 9th birthday! -been along almost the whole journey. 8)

    I have said this before, but decided to give it a bump:

    Today in the City-Comp, I -again- wondered WHY this is an issue.

    When I hoover with the mouse over the City, I get the "quick overview" of the goods-states.

    (Pict 1)

    When there is a City-Competition, I certainly think it is logical (and doable) to have a simple quick overview of the COMPETITION-state, by having a mouse-over the competition pad.

    (Pict 2)

    Now, if I want to see this information, I need to

    A) click on the City-Comp pad over the City

    B) Click on MY city in the Window that appeared, clicking A)

    - here is that window, that SHOULD be easy to see...



    Indeed, one of the most illustrious railways that EVER excisted !!

    It would absolutely be a VERY cool travel-path to make. And, indeed would be fun to have it as a RN-world...

    But, if you think of it... how would this be possible as a "COMPETITION" for many ?!?!

    I mean, how would you put this 3-week journey into a multi-team competition????

    You were "just" going from point A to point Z (with a plethora of points in between)... but, except for the minor issues, each and every country had, there is not really a way to make a competition out of it, is there?

    RN - prove me wrong!!


    There seem to be a PTR error in the code, lately:

    When LOADING the game, all engines appear fine on the map.

    - but after they enter a NEW track (go through an industry/city) they disappear... vanish.

    please fix.

    I prefer to play the train-game WITH trains.... :P

    it seems that for some reason a) the points are given rather delayed and b) this has been an issue since YEARS now... and still it's not changed,

    I just had a weird error:

    At the begining of the Endgame, my "BolloX" engine (Video-Engine) only had Goods Era 5.

    Luckily enough, as I looked at a video, the win was Era 6 !!! Bam!

    (although, I HAD to laugh again, as I was then "allowed" to pull - 4 - (FOUR!!!!) further wagons in the EG, with a tempo of -328 km/h (feels like backwards, yes).

    The error, though was some hours later, as I wanted to haul another Era-6 good...

    Out of the blue - my Video-Engine couldn't !!

    Not that it really matters to me... it's more an annoyance, really, that this poor fella can't participate...

    - - -

    This reminds me, really - why did you put this video-thing in, at ALL??

    Was the main issue you had, that people didn't look at videos (meaning - less revenue for you,I assume), so you had to DOUBLE the video-time (x2) as a test????

    I mean; why can't we just stay with ONE video, that turns purple, when bonus is available??????

    ...tja, das Railnation-team BESTEHT ja (leider) darauf ein Text-Modul zu benutzen, was von 1963 stammt, und seit dem nicht mehr ein update bekommen hat.

    (Ich, und VIELE anderen haben sich MEHRMALS darüber beschwert... -und nix als antwort).

    Dann ist es halt so in dieses Spiel... :thumbsup:

    Es ist schon seit längerem das wenn man (mit den Olympen) eine Runde sofortis einsetzt, das danach die Loks immer wieder den betrieb sofort verlässt... obwohl es eigentlich gar nicht der fall ist.

    Also, ich gebe jede von meine 5 Olympen EINE sofortabfertigung.

    - die Loks kommen in die Industrie an, und fahren wieder sofort raus. -alles normal.

    Wenn die jetzt wiederkehren, dann sieht es so aus als ob die NOCHMAL eine runde sofortis haben... fahren also direkt von die industrie los.

    Dies machen die so weiter... obwohl es nur eine darstellung ist. Eigentlich stehen die DOCH in die Industrie.

    Um es zu sehen, muss ich einfach einen ReLogIn machen. Dann stimmt alles wieder.

    ...hat es doch alles schon gegeben...? (grob, jetzt).

    Das ergebniss daraus war - es ist dadurch NICHT mehr "Spannend" geworden. :D

    - ich schlage vor, das wenn Du "Spannung " willst - einfach ein anderes spiel zu finden. :/:S:P

    I just had problems by using the -RED- logIn button, when going to the PTR-Page.

    (I tried 3-4 times. Always an error. (a minimized "can't be found" window pops up).

    Using the green (lower) button worked fine... :/

    ..ich meine das -wenn ein server-(Welt) extrem lahm ist, sind gerade die Techniker online "im Spiel" und werkeln herum...

    (Dies haben die ja vor einige Zeit möglich gemacht... ich verstehe aber immernoch nicht warum das gut sein soll?).

    Gewiss haben die hier möglichkeiten zu experimentieren und sachen zu testen, die niemals in die live-server-welten falsch gehen dürfen.

    Schade nur, das oft der PTR-Spielspass hierdurch flöten geht...