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    This has happened a couple of times. After changing a schedule train does not show that it is running the new schedule. Instead it continues to show that it is transitioning between the old schedule and the new schedule. Also, while this is happening the train does not appear in game, you can not see it move from stop to stop. In this example it was on the Sarajevo schedule for over an hour, it had made multiple deliveries of each good in the list and yet is still shows as transitioning.

    I have Electra & Icarus bonus engines. Before boost, Electra time was significantly slower than Icarus, about 8 minute difference. After boost, Electra now claims to be faster than boosted Icarus. 6:11 -vs- 6:50. In game graphics still has Electra moving much slower than Icarus, it's just the train schedule that believes it is faster.


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    We have the working that reduces premium features, and I'm trying to buy some lottery tickets, but I am not getting the option to do so. I have refreshed, and/or returned to lobby several times and even closed out the browser, but still no option to buy tickets.

    I've believe I've found a work around for video code 24317. At least it's worked the past dozen or so times. 'X' out of the 'secure special bonus' screen, at the next screen where is says 'Video stopped' hit RESTART, the video will still fail, but this time wait for the 'reload' option in the video screen. Click reload and a video will play.

    It also doesn't seem to matter which order this happens in, they just need to both be done, once. I've done both 'restart' the 'reload' and a 'reload' then a 'restart'. Each time I got a video to play.

    I thought I has seen this reported someplace else, but then I couldn't find it. Anyhow, I purchased a couple of licenses and have been delivering one good for over two hours and the other for almost an hour, yet in the license display my profit still shows $0. I know if I reload the game, it will show & update the amount, but I should not have to reload to get it to start that process.

    PTR1- Video 24317 is about the only one that is selected for me. It takes multiple login / logouts to grab a different video that I can actually play.

    I have noticed that occasionally the video windows opens with 17491 and then switches to 24317. Sometimes it goes from 17491 to 21781 and then to 24317.

    Those other codes are only displayed for less than a second, even so, I've seen them so many times I'm pretty sure I have them correct.

    PTR1 - Video code 24317 continues to be a problem. It was the only video that would come up during the previous end game, and it refused to play, so I could not watch a single one. Now, at the start of an era 1, it comes up frequently and it still will not play at all. I have to log out and log back in to grab a different video. Even then I only get the station bonus as it tends to grab 24317 for the personal bonus.

    Please fix this video or remove it from the pool until a fix is found.

    Both level 28 cities (Chisinau & Barcelona) and level 30 - Stockholm show 11,780,000 required passengers.

    Level 31: London, Paris & Wien all show 11,780,000 but Cardiff has 11,087,000 and Glasgow is only 10,547,000 while Manchester is 13,001,000

    Level 32 Dublin shows 10, 325,000. Level 32 Mailand is 10,961,000

    Level 37: Koln - 17,143,000; Prag - 13,336,000 & Zurich - 13,114,000

    Level 41: Minsk - 15,379,000

    All cities are consistent with goods required, for example, all level 31 & below cities require 85,425, all level 32 need 88,440, etc. It's just the passengers that are all different.

    I've included just a few screen shots


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    I believe Thom figured this out. Re-examining my screen shots, I was not picking up food only dropping of Pastry. So the dropped click was on the pickup of food, not it's delivery to the city.

    There was no error message, and other than when I didn't delete food from the schedule, I could not get it to repeat. It always prompted me to deliver the goods I picked up. I probably should have tried saving an loading the schedule as well, but didn't think of that at the time.

    PTR1 - Video code in upper left corner - 24317 is a problem. I have to reload it multiple times before it will play, sometimes I have to refresh and then grab a different video to play. Which isn't to bad if it is the first one, for the station bonus, but when it's the second one, for the player bonus, I lose what ever prize I might have received.

    I used the trash can icon in the schedule to delete the last two goods, Oil & Rolling Mill, thinking that would allow me to send the food to the city, but it didn't. I have food picked up, but it's looking for me to pick up another good without delivering the food.

    I was able to correct it two different ways, if I deleted the food pickup and re-added it, it then prompted for a food delivery. The second way was if I clicked on food as a pick up a second time, it then prompted for delivery. When I clicked on food a second time the schedule did not show two pickups, it still showed only the one, but it did prompt me to deliver it.

    Apparently I am delivering food to the rolling mill. Which might make the workers more efficient, since they are being well fed 8)

    I know when I setup the schedule I did click to deliver to the city, but I guess it didn't take. As you can see, I am delivering the other goods to the city, just not the food.

    It would be wonderful if we could create groups of engines, so instead of doing a manual select of 10 or more engines or doing a select all and scrolling through to uncheck the ones we don't want. We could just places engines in a group and then do a group select and be done. The ability to created at least 5 groups would be awesome.