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Willkommen im PTR Forum!

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    I started playing PTR98 yesterday and joined an association, as it was the only one in the town of Töpfen. Today there was another association, so I wanted to switch (more than 24 hours after joining the one yesterday, so time wasn't an issue). I applied to the new association, which was set to automatically accept new applicants. Now when I click the association-icon, it still shows my old team, and I can still read the forum, where it reads, that I left the association. The factories, where I have majority, doesn't show any association crest, neither the old, nor the new one. I am kind of stuck somewhere in between. Probably the Twilight Zone, or something like that??? :/ And yes, I did refresh several times, and I cleared my browser (Firefox) cache and cookies.

    Update: a few hours later it has fixed itself, I'm now in the right association.

    Schaltet doch bitte endlich Video 24750 ab, bei den letzten 9 Video war das 5mal dabei. Diese Video wurde schon vor Wochen gemeldet und ist immer noch da, das nervt jetzt wirklich langsam.

    Please get rid off video 24750, in my last batch of 9 videos I got stuck with that one 5 times. This video has been reported weeks ago and it's still here, it's really annoying.

    Yes, the game window appears, but frozen, nothing is moving. It is only possible to do something if I keep switching back and forth between browsertabs. So I just keep refreshing until the loading screen goes right through and the trains are actually moving. Sometimes only two or three times, sometimes almost 20 times of loading again, very annoying.

    Dieser sogenannte "Anzeigefehler" sorgt dann unglücklicherweise aber auch dafür, dass ich das Super Starterpaket nicht kaufen kann, und auch keine Voranmeldung für die neue Runde durchführen kann.

    Because of this so called display error I can unfortunately not buy the super starter package and can not pre-register for the next round.