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Willkommen im PTR Forum!

Hier findet ihr neuste Ankündigungen zum PTR und könnt Ideen und Fehlermeldungen in Englisch und Deutsch posten.

    I can't leave the shop once I'm inside =O . There is no exit button. I have to restart the game each time I'm ready to leave. :S


    I did remember something. There were several times that the video would play then just have a white screen in the frame. Mostly it would work right after restarting, but some needed restarting several times.............


    Thank you very much :thumbsup: ! No weird display that I recall :/ . I guess maybe a definition of "weird" :S in this context could help. I do remember that my association (Hello Train) had 40% faster station bonuses at the time; I felt like the videos were almost getting stepped on by the station bonuses. It all came at me rapid fire kinda.... ?(

    In PTR3 yesterday, I watched all 112 bonus videos and only received one upgrade :( . This is the first time it's happened to me on any server since Pollux was rolled out. Just thought you should know..... ?(


    I like it a lot better over all:thumbup:. More organized and easier to navigate:). Kinda underwhelmed when I looked at the Bonus pool:sleeping:, but that feeling was mitigated by the inventory in the Mega Bonus pool^^. I must have missed the Full Steam Box or passed it over.:/ I'll watch for that8). I also like the drop down menu under the silhouette and the country drop down above it8|.

    The only question I have is; of the list of payment partners which ones are available for use in the USA:/? If for example there were fewer available in one country or area, could the list below be customized to the country selected above? (I've lost money a couple of times trying to by gold with a service here in the USA that wasn't accepted by RNX(. At least not at the time.;()

    Overall :thumbsup:

    Updates and maintenance are wonderful and necessary tasks but, because of the differences in time zones between USA and Europe, I've lost my chance (been robbed) of purchasing my era packages for eras 4 and 5. I also lost a day unfairly at the start of era 4. I can't sit here holding my breath and waiting for the instant you all restart or correct the server. Just sayin'....?(:(X(

    I'm kinda upset. I don't believe it was clear to me that the registration event was for this game rather than a game more immediate to said registration. I'm feeling left out and discriminated against, but good luke with your test anyway... G

    well, its friday and well past posted startup time, i still can't log in. starts then kicks back to the ptr lobbey.

    I was checking my new achievements in the PTR lobby when they just disappeared. It happened so fast that I don't remember what they were other than generally about collecting bonuses. The game is telling me in one place that I have no career points at all, but the homepage shows what I should have possibly including the new ones. I didn't touch a thing or click the mouse or move it over anything. ?( It appears that my career engine is not recorded on the homepage also :/ .

    My PTR 2 and 3 games are partially frozen in my Chrome browser. The symptoms are as follows;

    1. there is a red 'quit sitting' box in the upper left corner of the main screen.
    2. the center or title box at the top center of the of the main screen is empty.
    3. there is a 'resume mentoring' icon in the lower right corner.
    4. the menu bar in the lower right corner is expanded and includes a smiley face 'cheat' icon.

    I am able to change screens, but unable to access any of the tasks. All of these issues are the same on PTR 2 and 3.

    Addendum: I returned to PTR 2 to double check something as I was writing above and it had returned to normal so had PTR 3. I decided to post this anyway in case someone is doing unauthorized fooling around on these servers.
    A very frustrated Gozarian. :cursing:


    However I lost the Association I was preassigned. That's ok, I applied to a new one successfully. But, the Stupid Smart Water video is not clearing after it plays on any special bonus screen in PTR. It freezes on the last frame. Other videos are running just fine for me. I have an Athlon Aspire 5532 with an AMD TF-20 processor, 2.7 GiB RAM, 1T disk, AMD RS780 graphics and running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit OS. I'm playing on Chrome browser. Goz

    I can't connect either. it changes from the home page to the next page (rasterization?), but only loads halfway then stops/freezes... PTRs 1 & 2 working fine.