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    try clear cache and delete all cookies. might help. helped me earlier in ptr2 with engine trivia issue.
    upgrade also, if its not latest version + flash plugin upgrade.
    then it should work as clock. :)


    small thing: widgets dont display all trains. only bonus engine. and there isnt a settings i can put what to display and what dont. on live servers all of trains is show, on ptr - only bonus engines. wish i got more gold to get era2 engine, then i can say for sure, if it displays both of engines or only era1. so far - only era 1 (red kite).

    widget dspl err —

    hello, Baldur!

    cache and cookies clen up helped. somehow, they all appeared. and ticket too. but this is strange, cause i need to restart browser after launching it. over night pc is off, and settings is that as soon i close browser (turning pc off), it cleans all of them. hmm.
    sorry for false disturbance. might be my own fault in this.
    ticket is there, trainspotters too. but its strange. for me.

    hello, Baldur!

    it happens always with nr.5. and after restarting the browser completely, its gone, for first few minutes. then, its no schedule agan, cant be selected or given new one. always. perma for me. only nr.5 for some reason.
    speed (as seen now) from +150 km/h till minus 150 km/h. changes all the time....


    recorded browser video for this matter:

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    hei. damn, lol. this seems strange. it worked only for 20 minutes or around that. now its same. agan nr 5.
    train 5 1620 —

    cant be that i need to restart browser every 20 mins. of couse since videos dont work, it might be wise, but even after restart nothing changes.
    and i feel its only with my train nr 5. gosh... strange.

    got idea - this seems strange, cause of thing - if it has no schedule, it should be parked or stay somewhere, but it moved with speed oposite to normal one. minus 140... minus 157 km/h. and vanished in air, cant be selected. rest of trains is ok and back with recent fix and server restart.
    minus speed without schedule... thats strange, really strange.

    Edit2: added picture with tooltip error. it gives double size box or double tooltip. not sure how is the best to describe it.
    tooltip error —

    one if that it fives wrong info on trains tooltip, but second is that for example, mouseover on butchery (sausage factory) gives strange info )shows 4 rows of passengers):
    tooltip error3 —

    Hi RemoteTTL,

    could you clear the cache and delete your cookies? It could be, that this will solve the problem.


    uninstalled chrome and reinstalled agan. its all ok now. thanks for tips. might be cookies or something. but it works, finally. :)
    thanks to both of admins - Stefan BF and Baldur!

    hei, Stefan BF.
    yes, last ones is solved. trains are back from abyss and repairs works as earlier.
    but I still have problem with train nr5. its been like this more than a week. it remains without schedule. and new one, no matter where or how i set it, still remains in abyss, cant be selected on map, just on list. and new schedules doesnt work. this was earlier too, with same train number. since now we all have more trains, number 5 is problem, even if its model have changed (now i have panther under this nr).

    thanks for fix. thumbs up!

    hei. few more suggestions and ideas:

    * take a loan. for urgent situations when players need some cash, it would be great if there was some take loan thing. and then pay it back every few hours, small portion or pay it back all same time, if player has funds for it.
    * exchange gold for cash. comes handy. exchange rates also could be dynamic, based on how much there is demand for exchange. then its not plain, but remains dynamic and there is a chance to earn more.
    * send gold/money to association members or friends.
    * sell goods demanded. if one city needs additional goods, mayor can issue vouchers - deliver xx amount of goods in next x hours and get xx (amount he sets before, by using his own funds or regular price + some amount from personal money) money. this would be more fun cause then some players would be interested not only in they own city growth, but also provide services to neighbors. reward can be money, or prestige or small amount of gold, anything. and it can change from time to time. to be agan, more dynamic. otherwise just gold or just money will mess things up. :)
    * rent a Bonus engine. for some amount of gold/money option to rent train for few days, hours.
    * association bank. all can deposit some amount of money and its like a guild (kinda same). and in case of need take portion (permissions per rank given by association founder) of money for investment or other needs.

    hei there, agan :)

    few things. as someone already sad - trains dissapear. they continue to bring profit, but visually they dont appear anywhere. i sold old engine, got new one, and it vanished after few minutes. into thin air.

    second thing - trains are at 100% of condition, dont need service, but its possible to do it.

    servicing error — <<< pict of it. when selecting all of them, cant service, but when pressing one by one, it can be done. plus third thing - one train Ive changed schedule yesterday, cant seem to go on it. remain on old one and has icon that its gona change schedule. odd.


    competition is on, cattle to Boston. when trying to set new schedule, it gives error and nothing is done. to those trains that carries needed goods for competition, only for those if i change they schedule when competition is active and they are about to be set to other schedule, not one in competition needed goods.
    route new err 106 —


    IP comes from Norway. using english as main language.
    Using win10 (oh noes) OS and chrome as main web browser + firefox flor something if chrome dont seem to provide best result.
    small difference there is acutally between them both. chrome gives broken link messgae (white screen with link sad that video has been moved or temporary down). (pict of it: video err msg — )
    Firefox gives a bit better result: video is loading (it tries to load video ID 21738), then 2 secs later it jumps to next one (21560) and there it remains black screen. can press on video screen, it reloads, 2 secs of playing and same black. no frames or pictures during those 2 secs are loaded. its just black window. (video err msg2 — )

    Using american (assume thats whats its called) UI (wish i could change it, cause its really terrible compared to UK one).

    its like this for PTR. also same thing happens on LIVE servers. same black screen thing.

    browsers has been updated to latest version (automatic) and plugins are too. none of additional blocking software or plugin has been used.

    BUT all videos work on Mobile APP (live servers of course). all of them, of course there is also issues with them when app crashes or freezes but thats another story!

    agan, same old, same old:
    train without reason cancells its schedule and cant be selected and its visually has vanished. restarting the game, ptr server, doesnt help too. image: error train —


    same old video issue. there is a achievement, part of it, to watch one video to get some tutorital rewards. this cant be skipped no matter how high is level of account. and one of steps is to watch video, but since they dont work (not here, not on live servers), this cant be done. and its like 2 weekswith problem. wonder when you actually gona try fix it? should it take that long, such small issue? and many players reports this but nothing is done :D

    hei, Karo BF.

    ok, thanks for tip about PTR and mobile.

    Using mainly Chrome. dont work. Firefox gives small video, but it stops, jumps to other video, and stops. 2 secs video, cant press on video, it reloads, but still 2 secs. and no credits no matter how long i keep pressing.

    on PTR none videos work. on live servers, only via mobile app.
    on live servers using chrome or firefox doesnt change a result. same thing over and over agan. firefox - bad link (got message in middle of screen that video might be corrupted or moved to different server) and on chrome - video jumps, doesnt load, same as on PTR.

    havent tried safari (got nix system aswell) yet and sadly cant give any feedback about Internet explorer. :)

    hope it helps somehow to solve issue all of us have on PTR servers and mostly also on live ones.

    new small things about new UI. i still love it, but there is few things You could shape up to be more dynamic and alive.
    cows (or sheeps) dont move on map..... kinda sad for them. birds fly in small groups below the clouds, why dont you make sheeps or cows, depends, alive too?
    waters near coast also, if they have some visual changes, moving effects hitting the coast, would be great.
    trees with leafs swinging in wind... cows running randomly around grass...
    some trivia makes map alive and details... some people brings them in front of everything.
    of course, its up to you to decide, but it would be better than just plain picture of something.
    (all details turned to max, still birds and clouds just move)
    plus, train wheels are stuck... they dont move at all. its like box moving back and forth .

    Ive tried to get some videos to work. but no luck. they worked few times and then stopped. redirecting doesnt work too, in that window.
    i dont have any adblocks etc. nor they work in chrome or firefox.
    also, in mobile version there isnt a chance to log in, cause somehow, adobe says, they cant provide flash plugin for my phone (samsung). so cant watch them.
    but other realms ive tested, videos works only on cell (mobile) phone. with web browser from pc its the same - redirecting and blank screen. no videos or error message that video link has been removed or is bad.
    might be that those videos are in some server that google think its malware or suspicious, thats why they dont allow to go there. and since there isnt a option to tell - let me go there anyway, no matter of risk, videos remains dead and bonuses cant be collected.

    if you wish to collect them - get RN mobile app and then ya get them.
    still hope for some fixes, not only on PTR but also on live servers!!!!