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  • I would REALLY like to see a overhauled and WORKING list of engines, soon.
    - yes, I know - RN changed the look of the list just recently... and it is quite cool... indeed... but I sure as hell isn't taking away the problems there was earlier:

    • Please fix the SORTING / DISPLAY of the engines once and for all! (Why the HECK did you change it in the first place?!?!? - it was not optimal before, but now it's just LUDICROUS!)
    - I would really like to have my passenger engines and goods engines in BLOCKS. (including Bonus-Engines).
    - Make purchases appear in ORDER. Do not fill "gaps" by random.

    • Please let the user "hide" the new functions... as cool as the are... they ARE rather "annoying".
    - I would prefer to (be able to) see only the train icon, and ...for instance - how much profit it makes. The rest hidden. (Why not let the user CHOOSE what he wants to see?)
    - -
    • The wagons/goods should also be sorted right.
    - please sort the goods (by default) after costs. (wich is mostly, also, how they appear in the game).
    (just looking at the new PTR2 look where this seems to be changed... I was referring to the classic look, here).

    And could you PLEASE make better "multi-buttons" at the top of the list?!?! The are just ridiculous as the are now!
    - you can only clearly distinguish the wrench (service) and the money (sell) icons. The others are just not to be entitled "icon"... :rolleyes:
    (yes, I KNOW now what icon leads to where... since I push them many times a day... but wouldn't it be nice to have this done?!?!). :thumbup:
    (What I mean is; to be clear); take away the "check/tick" thing in the upper corner! There is no need to have this there! Since ALL buttons only work when Gold-account is active).