Blue screen ONLY when running ptr and main servers

  • Good day RAIL NATION,

    During last 1,5 month, my computer faces blue screens or instant restarts at the 80% of times that i run ptr or main servers.
    I have tested 3 clean browsers but problem remains.
    What makes this even more weird is that cpu, memory or disk never reach more than 70% of usage before blue screen or restart.
    Iz have tested flash and shockwave players
    Did game engine changed?
    Is this has something to do with the 3d option?

    P.S: I am running many other online client and browser games. Never had such issue, even when crucial updates with extra pc resources need had been released.
    During past i had reported optimization issues. 1 tab of rail nation is not acceptable to use 1.2 GB of memory.

    Thank you for your time

  • Good day once more,

    Problem still exists and no feedback given to me.
    Therefore in order me to protect my pc health, i have to quit this game although i like it a lot and it kept me pleased for some years.
    Farewell to all.

    P.S: To RAIL NATION crew: If you have an answer about the issues that i reported, please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you in advance

  • If you don't have "blue-screen" with other usage than RailNation, it would be strange.

    It all sounds a bit weird, I must say.

    I would suggest that you make a backup of your current computer-data, and install your whole System, anew.

  • It's always hard to make a bluescreen diagnosis from the distance. Often this is caused by hardware defects (i.e. during memory allocation) or driver problems, but to be honest, bluescreens can have so many causes, everything would be a guess from a remote location.

    At least bluescreen error codes would be helpful, maybe someone could make an assumption what is going wrong with that information.