Vouchers for trainspotters: why can not I use them?

  • Hello dear Admin,

    I do not understand something. If I have 3 vouchers for trainspotters, then why can not I use them to collect all trainspotters? Is not that why vouchers are to use them when I need them? (See the attached pictures.)

    Anticipated thanks for the answer. I wish you a pleasant afternoon!

    Lacidd23 :)

  • you have wrote the same already in the other thread ... and the answer is here too..

    with the vouchers you don`t collect all 25 of the spotters, which you need to complete all.
    with the vouchers you just collect your current spotters, which you have on your map ... this maximum of 10.

    the vouchers are only for that you don`t have any effort to search and collect the spotters on your map.