Video problems - Collection thread

  • Hello derailed Tom,

    thanks for your notice. Yes, the videos are a recurring problem; since the pool of available ads frequently changes, there can always be some among them that won't work for some players, and unfortunately, there's much we can do about it.

    However, you have quite a long list there; do all those videos just show a black screen for you, and nothing else happens? Because it can happen that the pool of videos is used up, in which case you should still see a fallback ad, but the player takes some time to load those.

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  • Hi Lars!
    I'm aware of this, as it's the same on the "production" servers. But if nothing else works there's always a Travian ad running (I've seen the trailer for Miramagia a few dozen times for exemple ;) ). But that doesn't seem to work here on the PTR servers, as the fallback (today 21785) also just show a black screen.
    Not that it's a huge problem as this is just a test run, but the problem's there anyway!


  • I still cannot play video and as far as i know, the same goes for all players from Denmark.

    Is has been over a ½ year now.......

    How about making a http(s) relay on one of your German server as a temporary solution ?

    EDIT: It seems like a problem hard to solve.....So let me ask in another way:
    If I establish a proxy on a server located in Germany and we (more or less open) use this server as proxy. Will you then close our acc(s) for violating the rules ? (According to the rules all i do is illegal and all your do is ok)....
    My plan is to setup a DigitalOcaen server in Frankfurt and make a proxys and a https-relay on it. I will give the password in this tread, when it is established. I DO NOT ask for your accept/approval (you probably cannot give it) but i am asking you for giving me free pass (no abandon).
    If you want, we can check for multi-acc at OUR gateway.

  • Me neither, there are to much video's who don't work, i think i've seen in 2 servers ptr2 and 3 in total less then 15 video's during the event i kept trying and it was very fustrating when you try it several times and all the time the video didn't work. Now i don't even try anymore

  • video 21785 don't work and 22569 don't work either and i have tried to watch a lot of video's and mostly i can restart i think when i would count the video's i had to restart i would be close to the 100 video's by now

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  • i still have video problem. Sometimes i can see one or two and then it stops.

    As far as i can see its Rail_nations problem: All the self-promotion videos that shall "fill up" have wrong/english/German tags on them, so they cannot be shown in my Danish ip-address. So please tags some of your self-promoting video with Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian etc, so we can see them when there are no "real" videos

    You do not have to translate them ... just tag them