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  • hei.

    Im just curious - most people have high level accounts. it means, they have player ages before on PTR or its possible to use live servers account and use career engine here too or its all from start - get points, then level, get levels and career engine too?

    dont seem like its possible to reach level 20 in week or less on PTR. :)

  • Here in PTR all players starts really by fresh and zero, then the new additional PTR lobby was started.
    No one can transfer points or other sucesses from live lobby to the ptr lobby.
    Every account in PTR is separate from the accounts in live.

    Just, why do you think since the start of the extra PTR lobby it's impossible to reach career level 20 or more until today?
    Of course its possible.
    The PTR lobby started about 1 year ago. It´s enough time to get many points and sucesses. ;-)

    For me it`s the same .. in live I am on level 23. Here in PTR I am already on level 21 too.
    Why should it not be possible?

  • ok, 1 year, it explains a lot. took break from this game a time ago and didnt followed up all events and adding ptr on.
    thanks for tips and explanation! :)