• hei.
    since there isnt (still wonder why?) forum side of suggestions, first - you should add such part of forum. kinda lost part when there isnt place where to put some new ideas and things players would love to see ingame.

    then - there should be something additional between repairing trains, collecting bonuses and doing all small things. its just worth to log in few times a day and thats it. buildings are upgrading, trains running, few repairs per day, competitions... well, depends, but between all of that there is loads of time that could be spent by doing something to make more prestige or gain money. anything. cause videos and bonus videos dont work 90% of time, even on live servers (doesnt matter chrome or firefox is used, RL videos gives bad text line that its corrupted and period. works only sometimes via mobile app).

    devs should look into this, but small chance they will do that. since its they game and players are only guests here :D

  • Hey,

    the forum part 'General & Ideas for Improvement' includes suggestions. So you can just go ahead and post your suggestions there like this thread here. :)

    The videos are currently a big problem. It would be nice if you could write down the number on the upper right within the video and post it in here:
    Probleme mit Bonusvideos - Meldethread - Page 20 - Bugs & Errors - Rail Nation Forum

    With the new trainspotter feature we already tried to fill the in betweens a little but we are always searching and working on other new features. Aand we always welcome new ideas! So if you have something in mind you're welcome to tell. :)

  • hei.ok, thanks for guidelines, but cant log in there. gives me error message.

    but video system is pretty simple first it loads 21738, then right away, 2 secs later jumps to 21560. none of them works. 21560 (in upper left corner) lasts for 2 seconds with black (empty) screen and restart or pressing on video screen makes it restart (my guess) and agan, black screen, 2 second, and its over.
    so cant watch videos at all. have watched 2 of them in last 2 days. its on PTR. regarding live servers, ive made few tickets, they all answered, but problem remains.
    this is only from pc version of ptr serversor live servers (same video issue). from mobile (also, videos works only when on data connection, not on wifi) it works (data connection - yes, wifi - no, no videos i get message)
    ill try to try get videos from mobile (via 4g connection, aka data) app on PTR servers, but dont think there is app for that

  • hei. few more suggestions and ideas:

    * take a loan. for urgent situations when players need some cash, it would be great if there was some take loan thing. and then pay it back every few hours, small portion or pay it back all same time, if player has funds for it.
    * exchange gold for cash. comes handy. exchange rates also could be dynamic, based on how much there is demand for exchange. then its not plain, but remains dynamic and there is a chance to earn more.
    * send gold/money to association members or friends.
    * sell goods demanded. if one city needs additional goods, mayor can issue vouchers - deliver xx amount of goods in next x hours and get xx (amount he sets before, by using his own funds or regular price + some amount from personal money) money. this would be more fun cause then some players would be interested not only in they own city growth, but also provide services to neighbors. reward can be money, or prestige or small amount of gold, anything. and it can change from time to time. to be agan, more dynamic. otherwise just gold or just money will mess things up. :)
    * rent a Bonus engine. for some amount of gold/money option to rent train for few days, hours.
    * association bank. all can deposit some amount of money and its like a guild (kinda same). and in case of need take portion (permissions per rank given by association founder) of money for investment or other needs.

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