PTR3, USA, Started 2/27 -- First Impressions

  • 1) This one seems to be more responsive to clicks than previous versions. You don't get lag when clicking on elements. Good.
    2) The wide city screen is aesthetically pleasing, but I can see how it can also be in the way. I would like to see an option to resize it.
    3) The new layout/look of the train list is pleasant, and makes it easy to find information
    4) Can we please get passenger trains on the USA map? Those were so important for the history of the country. How about getting cities to cooperate to set up an east-west chain of passenger (or even cargo) transportation, like different transcontinental Railroads? Akin to special track on Europe map, this could require player donations, and after strung together, players can assign trains to the transcon, with benefits accruing to associations, individuals, and/or cities?

  • 5) The facility window does not show the tons delivered/picked up by my corporation. That is a stat I frequently use/need, b/c chained hauling bonus depends on it. Could this be brought back, please? I don't mind having to click on another tab, I would just like to have that information.

  • Hi Helius,

    thank your for your great feedback.

    1) thanks, that is our impression too right now

    2) You can not resize/ customize the widescreen, but you have the option to switch back to the portrait mode: Options=>Display options=>Screens=> Cented screens on/off

    3) thank you, i will forward this to the UI design

    4) this was often discussed already in the past here. I will talk to the game design, right now i do not know either if there was a future plan to implement passengers in USA scenario, too.

    5) i'm not quite sure what you meant here. For cities, factories etc., there is the corporation ranking When you click at the association container, the asso member delivery ranking opens in smaller portrait mode at the left.

    Best regards, St

  • 4) this was often discussed already in the past here. I will talk to the game design, right now i do not know either if there was a future plan to implement passengers in USA scenario, too.

    No no no .. please!!!!
    Passengers we have in two scenarios!
    And many many players use USA scenario only for the reason, there are no passengers!!!
    That we have no passengers in USA .. this is a big advantage and not a disadvantage!
    Passengers in usa is the death for this scenario!

  • Okay Saturnin,

    i guess this is what our game designer had in mind also, i just wanted to ask what exactly was the reason to not implement it in this scenario.

  • Yes.
    the game Railnatin lives from the variety.
    from the different scenarios, from the different possibilities.
    Not all players like the way of playing and the tactics with passengers.
    And as it is now - so have all interests their solution.
    Who likes passengers - he even has 2 scenarios to choose from.
    And those who prefer to play without passengers - they have with USA also a Scenario.
    And these differences in the scenarios should really stay!

  • What happen to PTR 3 USA ? PTR 2 and new PTR 3 are both Classic now. PTR USA was good , I had no problems clicking on stuff it run super smooth now.
    And Please no passengers. We don't use alot of passenger engines over so don't add to it. Only thing that was wrong was Lab timer and count was wrong , at Level 7 had 11 points max and timer was 100 minutes.Should be 22 points and 50 minutes at level 7 Lab

  • Hi Agent. UDA was only a short additional check during some days. As you mentioned already, the server went fine. It's more important to test teh new classic client now for a longer term because it's much less established compared to USA.

    Passenger trains for USA are not planned yet.

    I guess you had only half research points generated because the server ran with regular settings, not speed.

  • Passengers or no passengers (and I still think the U.S., where famous passenger trains were so important, should have them. Nobody is forced to use them. But fine.), the USA scenario needs more strategic depth.

    Right now, it is a mad dash to level, then days of idleness.
    The East-West game is fun, but so few players are getting into it, it can always be gamed by the few who know how.

    Considering the history of the U.S., having a map where all cities do their own thing just does not feel right.

    I would like to see some kind of coalition- and nation-building component, where you need to string together a chain of cities, coast-to-coast, as a transcon RR (or multiple competing ones).
    There's plenty strategic depth now, in the Europe scenario. If the devs let their creative juices flow, they will come up with something original, challenging, and fun for the U.S. scenario, as well.