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  • On PTR3 I think the (main) buttons have a new, somewhat faded color.
    -personally, I really like them. ;)

    I still hope that you will go back to the first of the new GUI's, where there was two solid button "bars" in top/bottom.
    (basically like it is on the Mobile .app).

    And, also, I would REALLY like if you could somehow hide the current bonuses. COMPLETELY. Not just a bit.

  • Got a few things, but not only about new PTR3 design, but more in general. (sorry if im repeating other previous posts)

    Buying engines: the total price for the Engine (included upgrades etc) should be given in bigger letters than now, they are actually smaller than rest of the prices in the list of upgrades.
    Aditionale the yellow popup telling things like "you do not have enough cash for this", is blocking the view of the price...

    Showing list of trains and schedules: 1) I miss the option to sort trains Alphabetical decreasing ... (Z-A) ... like it was some time ago.
    Schedules: would be great when putting on new schedules, that trains without schedules (either parked, or returning to city for parking) wold be on top of the list of trains again when assigning schedules... (now its only one, rest is hiding in the list.. )

    Scrolling / scroll bar: I usually play on PC, but sometimes on Android to... I miss buttons (on top and bottom of scroll bar in menues like list of trains, list of waggons/cars etc) that move the list one (or many) steps when pressed... (just like when you brows a long web page or document, you get those small arrows on top and bottom of scroll bar)... When using the current bar (or even dragging in the list) it tends to get a bit wild, not easy to control. Often sliding in opposite direction of where it was supposed to go.

    I have been playing this game since early (february) 2012 (early beta versions) and i still love it :)

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  • There is a new GUI look again - on PTR's since 2 weeks.

    I think most of the changes are very nice! You have made the things more clear to read. changing numbers, like wagons purhcased, now have a dark background with a light colored font. that's very nice. Simple (maybe even boring), but absolutely perfect.

    I don't really understand, though, the coloring of the competiton windows (over cities).

    all in all ok, but why on earth do you make the "win's circles" (upper left) in a somewhat darker yellow?!?!?! Why not just make them a part of the window?

    I basically like the new color-scheme a lot! It is "sober", and still not boring. Pretty nice work.

  • Hello Andrea Doria,

    thanks a lot for the mostly positive Feedback, I'll make sure it reaches the People responsible for the changes :)

    The darker Background for Competition prizes is to get a better contrast between the elements, like with the wagon-numbers you mentioned. I think it Looks okay this way, but I'll Forward your Point as well, Maybe there's an even better solution ^^

    Best regards,


  • Suggestion:

    - version 5.2018

    The wagons window is new. Not bad. But could you please change the "have" wagons to bold?

    It is just a tiiiny little bit too tight. I think the bold font would make it good.


  • Also, in the new Association-Window (nice!) -> the countdown timer for the Worker needs to be more ...marked. Red?? Or in a frame? Bigger font?


  • well if i can suggest you to improve the main board : for exemple to access workers auction : its necesary to click twice etc. it takes too much time.

  • Concerning the new design of Association-Window:

    I think you are going in opposite direction in the new design!!! Verschlimmbessern, again.

    I LIKE the idea to make the Association Window "centered"... but, trying to press all different entities into the "front-Window" is just ridiculous!

    Then the old Tab-version was MUCH better and clearer!

    - why not keep the (Blue) Tabs, but put them on TOP of the Association-Window??????

  • I have to say that I dislike the New Map (PTR3 / Deutschland) quite a bit... no. very much, even.

    - I'm not gonna play that scenario ever again.

    Concerning the goods, some of them are funny! A good fresh view of things.

    - others are just silly, and should be taken away. That's of course just my taste.

    Probably, most people WANTS to have the "Lederhosen" asa n industry, whereas I think that is just silly - well, funny for 2 sek. and then just annoying.

    Why don't you instead develop the industries to transform themselves and change further as they grow... like;

    Level 1- 5 = Grain

    Level 6 - 10 = +Cattle

    Level 11 - 15 = +Milk


    Level 1-8 = Leather

    Level 9-17 = + Shoes

    Level 18-22 = + Clothing (including Lederhosen, if you insist)

    Like this, there would still be new goods to haul, but you could narrow down the plethora of different industries.

    This would also lead to the effect that players would HAVE to invest in the industries to make them grow.

  • Hei Andrea Doria,

    the idea that the industries refine themselfe is interesting.

    But would the supply not be lost in the process?

    I can still forward the idea to our GD.

    For the new card, however, this is nothing.

    As announced, there will be no new gameplay on this map, only the Map and a few goods are reworked :)



  • Actually - I just got an idea for a possible "new game":

    Why don't you make a new game-style, where one HAS to play in an Association.

    - HAS to, merely because things are horrendly expensive, and has to be handled my many players... just like Landmarks are now.

    And I mean now ALL things should be handled like this:

    Tracks (done BY an asso' - and USED by the asso' (only).

    (...would it be possible to rent the built tracks to other assos' ???)

    Industries (level-ups have to be PURCHASED by an asso...

    Why not even make the RAILYARD combined for the asso' ?

    You COULD play solo - but won't come far, since you'd won't get anything for your money....

    you get the point.

  • I looked at the "old" wagons list... and, I must say:

    I have no CLUE why you are doing what you are doing - at the moment!

    The old list was GREAT! (except the fact that there was wagons. All in all, it looked as there were 3 icons layered over each other, what certainly looks weird...)

    - but - if you would take away the wagons, and just keep the Goods (in a circle), and then have the circled amount of owned wagons over that... I think it would be the best solution! It's clear and simple. (maybe make the "owned wagons" circle a rectangle instead).

    All items would fit on one line. Big enough for sausage-fingers on an iPhone with the "-" / "+" signs, and STILL be clear enough to read...

    No NEED for a rediculous flip-down for every purchase, that just implies TONS of more bugs and program-code...

  • Hello,

    actually, the new design provides a better performance and more streamlined coding, which was the main reason for the Change, and we also used the opportunity to add a few improvements, like the Per-unit-Price, or the MAX-Button.

    But of Course, if you find any Bugs, you're welcome to report them - aside from the List-Always-jumps-up-Bug, that one never happened :saint:

  • the "per unit" price... is the price of the wagons, right? That was in the "old" list as well.

    A "Max"-button is new, yes. ...how many times will I use that.... ^^

  • But only if you already set the numbers of wagons up or down, wasn't it? I actually can't remember already ^^

    Now you see both cost and selling Price at one glance.

    And I don't know how often you will use the button, but I think it's rather useful, especially when the endgame is coming up.

  • Config: europe/speed06.2018 ServerV: AppV.:


    As usual, it takes time to get use to the new graphics... but:

    Have you thought of deciding on ONE way of "hiding" info - that still is vital for the player?

    - for instance; the new wagon window - is a bit "stiff", but seems to work flawless! (Bravo)

    It is clean at first, and with ONE click on the flip-arrow - there is the needed additional info.


    Why not make this the same in ALL windows, where this could be done?

    - I was just in Association - Worker, where I have the feeling that the list of donators is extremely bad to get at...

    Here - the flip-arrow would be GREAT, as well...

    Just an idea.

  • Also;

    in the sidebar message-system (not centered), I would also suggest to change one thing:

    (it was actually the first thing that disturbed me - and it STILL does!)

    Why don't you make the threads open IN the message viewer?? Instead of changing the whole view?

    Then you would save the weird -one off- arrow back in the right hand corner - instead of the global close-x.

    Like this:

    Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 22.38.20.png

    And each thread simply gets a flip-arrow.

  • Another thing:

    - as it is now, when I want to invest in, for instance, a worker, but don't have enough money for it; now I get a ludicrous oversized yellow window informing me about my state... Why can't you just make the "invest" button "greyed out"??? and IF the player hoovers with the mouse over the button for over 2 sek, THEN you can give a message... I think that would be much cleaner.