Trains disapear. Redraw bug.

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  • There seem to be a PTR error in the code, lately:

    When LOADING the game, all engines appear fine on the map.

    - but after they enter a NEW track (go through an industry/city) they disappear... vanish.

    please fix.

    I prefer to play the train-game WITH trains.... :P

  • I still have weird issues with my engines redraws on PTR3 !

    As the trains are now, at least not dissapearing, they are still VERY irradical in their redraw performance.

    - sometimes BEFORE the actual position, sometimes behind...

    It is RATHER difficult to make competitions, or even just know when the engines are "collected" in the city, if needed.

    Could you PLEASE look into this soon... ?



    maybe it's just MY browser??? (Firefox, latest version). ...but, that makes no real sense to me.

  • Try Edge, browser that only use for this game. Firefox is trying to burn my laptop a way. All other thing with crhome, but not RN.

  • Thanks for the tip... but;

    - If RN can't fix this issue -on ALL browsers- then it's not worth playing anymore...

    It can't be a game for Edge, only??

    ...well, it CAN, - but I'm not part of thatm then...