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  • Surfing through the research tab of the game, I have noticed that some trains have only got the amount of cars which they can carry reduced by 50%, however there was no speed improvement at all.

    So here's a list of improvements I'd love to see:

    - Either restore the original car amount on the engines which haven't gotten any speed improvement at all, or add a speed improvement. Trains like the Donkey got their minimal amount of carriages reduced to half of their original value, but the maximal and minimal speeds are exactly the same like on the normal game worlds, thus making those engines less efficient regarding the game.

    - The idea of getting gold from the shopping center was a good concept in my opinion, however, the only problem which made me a little upset about that feature is, that you need gold to upgrade the building.

    -> Therefore, how about you restore the getting gold from the mall/shopping center, but instead of paying gold to start an upgrade, you pay cash to upgrade that?

    If you, as the community, have more to add, feel free to reply!

  • I give MY opinion on this:

    Regarding updated engine-stats; I think that RN actually put their minds together, and did something proper, for once!

    This is - albeit not "better for all", actually an improvement in the game, as thus you will have to "fight more" to reach top-results.

    Personally, I think this is good - for the overall players experience.

    If they make some engines too powerfull, some few players will benefit more than others, to a degree where the game gets badly skew.

    That is why RN made all engines more or less equal... to a certain degree.

    - - -

    (Funnily enough, this is what should be done, concerning WAGES in most western countries, nowadays...

    If we don't get this done FAST - there WILL be revolutions coming up, even in Germany and most other countries soon!

    - right now, the GDL is puting their fingers on DB (Deutsche Bahn), since they feel they get too litle paid - for their HARD working engine-drivers...

    whereas, the top managers get MILIONS - for "doing nothing". If this gets too skew, the population WILL get mad, over the boiling point...).

    - - -

    Conerning the Gold...

    - I also liked the idea of reaping Gold in the Restaurant. But, SURELY, if you think of it - it HAS to be hard to get more of it. And CERTAINLY not being upgradeable by MONEY!!! (How skew THAT would become, when the "Money-players" - not giving a hoot about the city-growth (and connecting growth of the surroundings, meaning more money and PPs - for ALL players, including those who don' give a hoot), would have it easier to get EVEN MORE money/Gold... haha! Naaaah, think again, man. THAT woul be utterly dumb. -RN would basically destroy the game by purpose, doing that. (See above hint..)