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  • In PTR3 yesterday, I watched all 112 bonus videos and only received one upgrade :( . This is the first time it's happened to me on any server since Pollux was rolled out. Just thought you should know..... ?(


  • Thank you very much :thumbsup: ! No weird display that I recall :/ . I guess maybe a definition of "weird" :S in this context could help. I do remember that my association (Hello Train) had 40% faster station bonuses at the time; I felt like the videos were almost getting stepped on by the station bonuses. It all came at me rapid fire kinda.... ?(

  • I did remember something. There were several times that the video would play then just have a white screen in the frame. Mostly it would work right after restarting, but some needed restarting several times.............


  • I don't want to watch the video's on the ptr, because first bonusvideo i get the pollux and in that case i need to upgrade it, at least it feels for me like that, maybe is it an idea that we can choose if we want the pollux or not, so when you choose not to take the pollux you can watch video's without the chance that you get the pollux and watch only the video's when you got the time for it.

  • Totally agree, while i watch video's and don't mind having the pollux, I know there are a lot of people who don't want it

    An option to opt out would be great for those who choose that way.

  • I agree with the option to chose for the Pollux. I didn't watch videos on a daily basis before the Pollux was added. And I have to admit the game is for me less interesting with the forced video watching. You now have two options watch every day until you get the upgrade(s) or don't watch a single video the entire round.

    I hear this also often from players of the regular servers, they don't want the pollux connected to the videos