Strange error - Trainyard building PTR 1

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  • Since yesterday, I get strange error-messages when I want to upgrade my shoppingcenter. Yesterday, the whole day.

    -This morning, I managed to make ONE upgrade. Then the message was back...

    Also; during the whole game, it looked like there was no costs for upgrading this building.

    Please check

  • On current PTR1 (PTX2), Shopping centre is upgraded with gold, not with money. It's not yet finished - that's why it's $0. But it does cost gold.

    How much gold it costs to upgrade the Shopping centre is posted somewhere in the forums ... If you find it, you can check if you have enough gold to upgrade the building ...

  • Ah! -how stupid! -So I can ONLY upgrade it with Gold?! Even if I have 86 Trillion in money?????


    =O    :D:D:D That's just another *facepalm* isn't it?