Pollux - getting the same upgrade-win 3 times in an era...

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  • Hi.

    I am PRETTY sure that I have now won the "Era-upgrade" for my Pollux engine THREE times... instead of upgrading a ... well, "dire needed" other update. (Like tractive force...)

    Please, have a look at this. -this should not be.

    - -

    All in all, I think you have to adjust the wins for tractive force just a tiiiiny little bit.

    If I look at 18 videos per day... I think it's silly to get into the endgame with a "Bonus engine" that can pull only 3 wagons, after having watched 750+ videos !!!

    I get the idea, where you are aiming at... but, it is a weird idea.

    (If I know the core-community right, it will become a trend -quite soon- to just park the engine in era 1).


  • Hmm... I read my own post, and see that it wasn't well written:

    What I mean is that I got "rewarded" the update just in the begining of the era 3, and 2 times more -the same update- again, later - still in Era 3).

    Maybe you will transform these updates into -era4 updates- when era 4 begins?? I will look, but - it seems rather far fetched.

    So, I just say - you should make sure that one can't be rewarded the SAME upgrade, if already given. (If there is a time-limit).

  • Hei together :)

    I thought at the first moment that this could may be an affect due the fast forward of the server.

    But if I'm right, you had the problems BEFORE we fast forward the server to era 6 :/

    can you tell me please if you can notice this behavior again in the new round?

    Because you should normally only get the era upgrade after era change.



  • Hi Pia. (Hope you are fine).

    ...No, I think this was simply a bug. It had nothing to do with the era-FFWD.

    I am pretty sure that I got the same upgrade several times. ...wich is fine for the other upgrades, but not for the "Era-Lock" upgrade... or?

    IF you give more that one "Era-Lock" upgrades in one era, then, at least write the proper text, as for what Era the engine is upgraded to!!

    (So, if I win 2 Era-Upgrades in Era 1, the second win should have the text: "Your engine can now haul Era 2 Goods").

    I am pretty sure that the upgrades I got in Era 3, all said "you can now carry goods from Era 3". Three times the same.

    And, I COULDN'T haul Era 4,5 or 6 goods, when we were fast forwarded.

    So; yes: a bug.

    Please check the code.


  • Moin.

    ich finde den Pollux nicht besonders gut, ich könnte gut auf ihn verzichten. Schaue deshalb nicht mehr Videos.


    Der Westfale sagt "Moin" mehr ist gesabbel