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  • Hallo,

    based on the tests done so far, I think the performance works fine in 80% of the cases. When it fails you have to wait for the reload (as before) and then click on the button but at this stage the video, sometimes, started automatically. In any case, this setting is better than the previous one.



  • добрый день. играя на Login заметил улучшение воспроизведения видеороликов, 7 из 10 роликов запускаются без проблем. было 5 на 5.

    Guten Tag. spielen auf Login bemerkte eine Verbesserung der Videowiedergabe, 7 von 10 Clips laufen ohne Probleme. es war fünf auf fünf.

  • Hello everyone!

    Thank you all for the feedback. I'm glad to hear that things are generally going better already. I will pass this on to the video department :)




    Hallo zusammen!
    Danke euch allen für das Feedback. Es freut mich zu hören, dass es generell schon besser läuft. Ich werde das an das Video Department weiterleiten :)



  • The new videos on PTR 1 Speedy:

    Good automatic triggering, smooth reading.

    Failed on one of them, I did not have time to note what it was like advertising, but to have seen it on tv, science fiction on a planet, if that helps you! ;)

    Failure due to too heavy a video.

    Yours sincerely.