For the last server ptr3 , the system off ressources at the final was not logic,

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  • The first megapole had to furnich 90000 resources for 75 persons, the third ~200000 with much gamers, logic.

    But the first a little time after was more 200 gamers, for 90000 it's a little work.

    We also had make the same with 110000 to serve, (lol!) but our stratégy , glup's!!! we have not profited playing a minima.bof! but we were very betters for passengers, problem: passengers no pirat's methods possible!, be the champions was possible for us, snif!

    I play rail-station since the beginning, I don't like win, or loose with with methods of forbans.

    I don't know the method to return to games with honor.