display error when collecting station bonus from other players / Button behält Farbe vom vorigen GS Mitglied

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  • Hi, i found this tiny error:

    I am collecting the station bonus from other players using the arrow keys, while the mouse is over the bonus I want to collect.

    Switching through all members of my association, some of them has reached their bank limit and the bonus appears in red. Switching to the next player, the bonus still appears red with the new amount I could collect for the next player. Moving the mouse away from the bonus the correct color (green) appears for the bonus.

    If the bonus is already collected the bonus appears in the correct color (gray).

    I saw the same also on s301 Zugspitze.

  • Same here, and if 2 players click on the collect bonus at a similar time the bonus screen enlarges, goes totally green i.e. no values displayed, and no further bonus collection is possible from any player without a reload.