Origin journey

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  • Hello, you are going to open the origin journey, I am a player of the first just +6 months.

    You should do like Travian, go back to all the rules at the start of the game for a server.

    No bonus trains, no multiple trains, no career locomotive, no videos, no sitters, no coupling, no return to town, no museum, an outright game, difficult to play but exciting.

    Bonjour, vous allez ouvrir le voyage d'origine, je suis un joueur des premiers seulement +6 mois.

    Vous devriez faire comme Travian, revenir à toutes les règles en début de partie pour un serveur.

    Pas de trains bonus, pas de trains multiples, pas de locomotive de carrière, pas de vidéos, pas d'assistants, pas d'attelage, pas de retour en ville, pas de musée, un jeu pur et simple, difficile à jouer mais passionnant.8)

  • Hello,

    I don't know what the game was like in the beginning, 8 years ago.
    I first played Rail Nation in the summer of 2014, because that's
    when I found out about it (when the railroad tracks could still be sold,
    if you didn't need them, or if you put them in the wrong place.)
    It was a game so romantic that I called it the Wild West.

    So far, the most I liked the spring 2017 version of the game.
    But I would gladly try the above option, proposed by pemmore.

    Thank you. Have fun and success!


    Lacidd23 :):saint: