Lab doesn't display the exact time for research points / Labor zeigt nicht die genaue Zeit für Forschungspunkte an

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  • At level 25 rail-nation give a punkt all "9" minits 160 punckt of search by day

    in réality 9 minits with 20 seconds, (9,20 mn) 154,27 punckt of search by day

    ~6 punckt by day forgetten!

    Best regards

  • Hei pemmore

    Thank you for the report.

    I just checked the times and the 9 minutes and a few seconds are correct.

    The Lab needs 25 minutes at level 25 on normal gameworlds to generate one research points.
    That means 25/2 minutes (= 12,5 minutes) on Speed gameworlds.

    If you now have plus account you get a bonus of 25% on the time, so 12,5*0,75 = 9,375 minutes.

    But the display in the lab building doesn't display the seconds....

    I added a case that the lab screen should display more infos.