Sell trains from the museum freezes game / Züge aus dem Museum verkaufen friert das Spiel ein

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  • Hei Ludivine

    Does it only happen with specific trains? Or with all trains you tried?

    And how does it look when the game crash? Do you may have a screenshot for me?



  • I had the same problem, I tried to sell two ajax and two or three centaurs, every time the game just froze and I had to refresh.

    When I come back on the train is sold and the money in the bank, but it's quite annoying to reload every time I sell a train.

    Best regards


  • Mhhhhm okay.
    I also tried it with the trains you mentioned but it worked for me :/
    Could you may open the browser console via F12 the next time you sell some trains and take a look if there is an error displayed and send it to maybe?
    This could help to find the cause for the error.